Mary Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B., The Biological Future of the Human Species

by Mary W Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B.

It seems we are in for some big changes. Some say there will be real physical changes made to the human being by design — our DNA will be maliciously fiddled with. I am not able to foresee what may happen in that regard. I’m here to address the way basic forces of biology are acting upon us.

I have always been interested in morality and law on the one hand, and exploitation and war on the other. My Ph.D. dissertation, “The Moral Relationship of States” [states as in nation-states], followed the sociobiology of Richard Alexander in his book “The Biology of Moral Systems” (1987). He believed that Homo sapiens has moral restraints on individual selfishness, thanks to war. Yes, war.

Alexander says: Tribe A fights with Tribe B for resources, and if Tribe B possesses great skills for cooperation of the team and obedience to the leader, it will prevail. Those adaptive traits will result in reproductive success for the B’ers — meaning more B’s will get born. As for the A people, their chaotic selfishness may cause them to have no future. The genes of B have come down to us — we are all B’s. The A populations fizzled out.

I published my thesis in 1990 as “Morality among Nations,” proclaiming that there is no such thing as “loving the whole human race” and therefore we shouldn’t look forward to an emergence of “international law.” Law is something a group conjures up to keep in-group relations under control. If there is any “moral principle” as to how to treat outside groups, it is “Decimate them” (unless you need them as neighbors or trading partners). Or, as the Bible says, “Smite them.”

Our Civilization Became Unfit for the Environment

Mammals have to spend their day seeking water, food, warmth, and security (and possibly “a mating experience”). Humans, being mammals, do this, whether they live in a primitive society or a high-tech society. It is biologically required; there is no way around it.

You say that you don’t spend your day seeking water and food? OK, the water comes to you from the town’s main supply to your taps, and the food is already on a shelf for you in the shop without your having planted it, harvested it, or hunted it.

The warmth could come by a gas pipeline or from the electricity grid. The security against local attackers comes to you by, say, religious rules and if necessary, by police. Security against a competing population comes to you by your society’s army, or by concession if the other group is stronger. As Thucydides said “The strong exact what they can and the weak grant what they must.”

But things are not going well. I will speak of the country where I live, the United States. Five problems jump out:

1. The high standard of living has become everyone’s expectation, but the economic basis of it is collapsing (possibly by design) and the financial system is thought to be a chimera, so there is personal insecurity, with many likely consequences that are yet to manifest themselves.

2. This high standard of living is a burden on the physical plant. We have harmed the environment by such means as pesticides, fracking, overfishing, GMO foods, pollution of the air and rivers, and by depleting the aquifers. Did we think we could do this indefinitely? (Please read EO Wilson’s “Half Earth”.)

3. In-group morality has changed. It is a premise of sociobiology that persons are willing to follow rules when they perceive their neighbors doing so. But there are free riders who don’t obey. (They jump the turnstile, so to speak.) If a certain percentage are free riders, or are even just rumored to be free riders, we, too, stop paying the fare, as we don’t want to be “chumps.”

4. There is another issue regarding in-group morality. Many players, including members of the professions, are no longer impressed by the morality that they dutifully followed a few decades ago. I have written a lot about this, usually framing the problem as the protection of criminals at the top, such as by the DoJ. When we see the most famous people getting away with murder, we don’t necessarily imitate them (we don’t jump the murder turnstile) but we stop adhering to the noble ethics of yore.

5. A separate matter is that many once-moral people have had their brains tampered with, such that they think of the immoral things they are doing as right and just. What an achievement on the part of the jubjub birds who invented the technique for this!

I see all five problems as making a social collapse quite probable in the near future.

The Enemy Is (Mostly) Us

I suppose all of those five problems could have come about with no foreign influence. I became American at birth in 1947 (baby boomer time) and saw all that was happening as being the private affair of my nation. The thing about our food and electricity being delivered to our door was considered very positive. (Heck, I don’t want to be a drawer of water and a hewer of wood — just watching the log-chopping contest at the state fair makes me exhausted.)

The stuff about overfishing and pollution was understood by my generation to be naughty, perhaps after Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” in 1962. (The spring season would be silent because no birdsong, because of a major destruction of Earth’s ecology by the use of DDT.)

But we thought some activists would take care of it, maybe with a lawsuit or two, and maybe the big fishing companies would become conservation minded. As for the change in morality, as seen in the downgrading of character-building, it seemed to follow from the trend of the Sixties wherein we learned to scoff at authority. I found the Sixties atmosphere very liberating.

Perhaps it was when conspiracy theory started to get popular, after 9-11, that we got wind of an unfriendly force within the American government. This was frightening. Remember: security is one of our mammalian needs. A lot of people can’t handle the idea of bad government leaders and so they deny the problem.

I will now mention the hunt for the enemy, but please note that while there is apparently an enemy causing numbers 4 and 5 above, our civilization may well collapse from numbers 1 to 3.

Searching for an External Enemy

Who would want to make mincemeat of America? History tells us that when Nation A and Nation B compete, they would each be happy to make mincemeat of the other. Although I indicated above that it’s competition for resources that makes a tribe’s meanness rise to great heights, it can sometimes be a competition for glory.

Or it could be in response to an insult. By the way, although I lived outside the US for half my life and am aware of our lousy reputation, few Americans know of it. They think we are admired. No joke. Remember when President Bush 43 said “They hate us for our freedoms”? He was believed. Never mind that we decimated the Iraqi city of Fallujah for no reason. That wouldn’t make the natives angry, would it?

Still, it’s worth trying to identify the outside enemy. Many people name Israel. Anton Chaitkin, in his 1990 book “Treason in America,” names Switzerland. I generally name the Brits. At least they got down to stating their plans for world takeover. Fancy wanting the sun to never set on your empire! The group that met at Oxford in 1890, led by Lord Milner, with shades of Cecil Rhodes’ will, was called the Roundtable.

The Roundtable created the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the RIIA, which met at Chatham House, London. In 1921 those guys created the US’s Council on Foreign Relations, the CFR. And that Council has undermined our republic like mad. Many presidents, vice-presidents, and Cabinet members have been CFR members. Look especially at the Secretaries of State and of Defense; it’s disgusting. Traitors in plain sight.


Their treason consists in their willingness to undermine America’s national sovereignty, which would inevitably throw the US Constitution in the dumpster. By 1990, President Bush 41, addressing a joint session of Congress, felt bold enough to announce a New World Order.

How could an American president say such a thing? We aren’t in charge of the world, are we? Um, is the world in charge of us? Pardon me for reading the UN Charter of 1945 to say that there are separate independent nations. (There were 56 nation-states at the time that charter was signed, and over 190 now.)

It has to be admitted though, that ol’ man Rockefeller, a super-globalist, donated the land for the building of the UN headquarters in New York. And soon into the UN mix came the Bretton Woods invention of the World Bank (to help currency stability, you know) and the International Monetary Fund, the IMF (to assist poor nations, you know.)

The brains behind that financial takeover of the world must be given credit. I call it sensational. A total wow, without a shot being fired. Millions of people killed by starvation, maybe, but not a shot fired. Ingenious, ingenious.

I should mention that in 1919, at the Treaty of Versailles, the Powers That Be sat at a table and carved up parts of Asia, Africa and Europe, gerrymandering territory as they pleased. And in 1975, in Peru, their Lima Declaration carved up the world economy, according to a private scheme. They had the unmitigated cheek to determine which commodities would be produced where and sold where.

Recall that one of Dr Richard Day’s 1969 announcements (from his Rockefeller base) was that Detroit — Motown — would start making slightly faulty automobiles so that Americans would get disgusted and start importing Japanese cars. I remember when these “compact cars” were a novelty and won people over. “As planned!” Little did we consumers know.

What Will Happen Biologically?

Please note that I’m pretty sure the aforementioned claims are accurate. But now, in the rest of this article, I’ll be speaking of the future, so I can only make guesses. I ain’t got no crystal ball. And I ain’t got no mimeographed copy of Rockefeller’s, wishes, as Dr Day did. Let me use my education in sociobiology as a way of theorizing what could happen.

At the moment, there are more than 8 billion humans on this planet. They are all mammals with the above-listed needs such as food and water. There is no way all of them can enjoy the high lifestyle of Americans.

Neither can Americans! An internal enemy is destroying our access to food even as we speak. Publicly controlled mains water and the electricity grid are perfectly vulnerable to a shut-off. And if the bridge to Crimea can be blown up, so can the Brooklyn Bridge.

Water reservoirs could be poisoned with ease. I may begin to wish I were a drawer of water and a hewer of wood. As for security, look at the bizarre plan of the Democrat Party to defund the police. Or look at the headlines in the Daily News for the latest weird violence. “Woman cuts grandson’s foot off,” or whatever.

The United States cannot survive as a civilized place. The party’s over. As I said, the professions — including academics and clergy — no longer act as though Conscience comes first. I think they are mind-controlled. Or maybe all people have a capacity for what Orwell described as self-hypnosis. It makes doublethink a breeze.

Major Demographic Influences

The big change that has happened in our species involves three demographic factors:

1. Nations (“tribes”) became so large that it was possible for wrongdoers to hide from punishment, and the tenor of morality couldn’t be kept up, because you need to be able to know your community and keep an eye out for breaches. We’re all atomized now.

2. It became possible for a “globalist” band of leaders, to exist outside the moral agreements of any society. Thus, they could be much more ruthless than you or I. And for a century or so, while acting behind the scenes, they placed their servants in office via bribes or intimidation. So, instead of having a national leader who will pull us together, we have one whose task is to pull us apart. How’s that for amazing?

3. In any case the stress on the environment of 8 billion people is too great. I think there is a genocide going on. But maybe it’s what ecologists call “a population crash.” This sometimes happens to bird populations. They overbreed, use up the entire available supply of resources, and then fall flat. All starve.

For all of these disasters to happen, no genetic change in the human species would be needed. Yet on top of all such goings on, a few members of the jubjub set are intent on turning the human species into something other than the one we know and love. Noah Harari, from Klaus Schwab’s WEF — World Economic Forum — is gung-ho for this to happen, and boasts about it on YouTube.

If you want to reject WEF’s plans, or want to correct some of the other problems listed here, go ahead and try. The world is waiting for your intelligence, your moral sensibility, and most of all, your enlightened self-interest. I believe you will also need anger, aggressiveness, and the lack of moral restraint that we possess genetically for the attacking of enemies.

That’s how God made it. Thank you, God.

Link to a book for Bostonians to read asap.

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  1. It looks like the UK is lost to the globalists. Maybe we should ask the same question of the unwashed Brits as we do the unwashed Amerikans……what’s it gonna take to get them off their banger butts to take their country back?…..restricting or removing their access to English breakfast tea? Unarmed and helpless….not even a potato peeler to be found….VERY interesting article from ZH: (don’t miss PJW’s vid at the end)

    This was a coup…have no doubt…..With the current admin in this US of A, we had the same and are teetering on the edge of a cliff awaiting a change with the midterms OR another ff that will delay or cancel that hope….bet on it.

    What Really Just Happened In The UK…

    “Jeremy Hunt, the new ‘de facto Prime Minister’, is a ‘Zero-COVID’ loon who lobbied for children to be taken from their parents and put in quarantine camps.

    As Nigel Farage noted, Hunt is the face of a globalist coup…

    “This is a coup, the Conservative Party is dead.”

    Nigel Farage is furious…

    “We’re viewed as a complete laughing stock. There’s now no point to the Tory party at all. It serves no purpose. Not only is it going to lose the next election. I say it needs to be replaced.”

  2. Mary, it would be best for you to take a bath and clean between your your toes. That might wash out all of the mud you’ve been walking through. OK.

  3. Holy positivism bat people….must read from Fulford this AM…’s a sample: (may this be in his 80% side)

    “There is also more evidence the owners of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation went bankrupt. Two of the biggest owners of that Corporation, as well as most of the Fortune 500 companies, Blackrock and Vanguard appear to have declared bankruptcy.

    Blackrock International, Inc. Files for Bankruptcy in Lafayette | BKData

    MI6 sources say the Rothschilds have lost control of the BOE and that a de facto military government now rules the UK. If so, the UK branch of the Rothschilds has now officially lost control of the BOE for the first time since it took it over via insider trading after the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

    Now, the Swiss branch of the Rothschild family also appear to be in trouble, The US Federal Reserve Board has recently pumped $9.37 billion into the Swiss national bank in what is likely an attempt to prevent Credit Suisse from going under.”

  4. I would really appreciate how others here feel about the following from Jim Stone…..

    Do not vote for Trump again. He has been perfectly and properly handled.
    This says it all, and Trump said it himself. self inflicted death sentence.

    That is the most idiotic comment ever made and to top it off, Jews DO know what they have in Israel which is why they get away with the worst crimes / get caught /go to the sanctuary state. just like the five dancers on 9/11.


      1. Give me a buzz when your “idealism” turns toward pragmatism and we’ll have a bit to talk about. Unless Jesus makes a guest appearance, we had better take what we can get and go from there once we rid ourselves of this fraudulent regime.

      2. So, Edward, your particular reality is to have Biden do another term? Or maybe you have a better strategy which you might be so kind to share.

  5. Love your style, Ms Mary….short, to the point….sardonic, sarcastic, witty and a dash of hope. I’m not sure if you are resigned to our fate or just throwing cynicism out there to see what sticks and what gets a reaction. If I were to take it seriously, I would just put the covers over my head and get into a fetal position and wait for the end. But, I won’t do that and don’t think that’s what you want. At the end, you seem to want ME to solve the problems. but by “ME”, I think you mean “US”…and with that I wholeheartedly agree. WE did it or allowed it to be done and WE can undo it and disallow those who virtually want most of us GONE! This planet can support billions more IF we were to use intelligence and caring opposed to greed and industrialization. I have always thought the worse thing we did was leave our agrarian roots and turn to factories for a living. We all want too much, but NEED very little to really be content and satisfied.


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