Donald Jeffries, The Illegitimate Bastard Child America 2.0

Donald Jeffries

[Editor’s note: Pat Shannon at INI World Report observes, “You and I and a few million others have thought it, but nobody has said it better that Donald Jeffries. Any tracker of true history will quickly grasp his message. Therefore, we make him our guest editorialist for the month of December.” I am delighted that he will be among my featured speakers at my 3rd annual False Flags & Conspiracies Virtual Conference 2022 this coming weekend.]

I know of several anarchists who read and enjoy my work. There are probably many more I’m not aware of. I used to be strongly opposed to anarchism. After all, civilization demands some kind of order, doesn’t it? Don’t we need to have some kind of authorities as well? Otherwise, wouldn’t we wind up in a Lord of the Flies situation?
Well, I have no argument against anarchy now. Opposition to anarchy is based upon a trust in those running your society. Why would I- why would anyone- trust any of the leaders who’ve overseen the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World? What have they done to command the least smidgeon of respect? They have lied repeatedly about everything. Everything. And they’ve used their power irresponsibly. Remember what Uncle Ben told Spiderman about great powers requiring great responsibility.
Now, I was already halfway to anarchy as a radical youth in the mid-1970s, lecturing anyone who would tolerate me about the huge conspiracy to kill JFK. I knew then how the FBI, and the CIA, and the Justice Department, and the Secret Service, and all the presidents following Kennedy had lied to us. They haven’t stopped lying, and once I began researching Hidden History, I realized that they’d been lying to us almost since the country was founded. Except for the first eighty five years or so, when our leaders were largely sane, and there was a pretty healthy political dialogue. That all changed in 1860.
It’s hard to tell exactly what is the biggest of all the lies our government has told us. That Abraham Lincoln was a good and kind man who simply wanted to free the slaves in America? That the Spanish bombed the U.S.S. Maine, sparking the Spanish-American War? That the Germans blew up the Lusitania, triggering our disastrous entranced into World War I? That humble and lovable FDR had to declare war once the dirty sneaky rotten Japs bombed Pearl Harbor? Operation North Woods? Oswald killing JFK? The Gulf of Tonkin? Weapons of Mass Destruction? This is just a very small list of some of the countless Big Lies the American people have been sold.
The irony, of course, is that the dumbed down Americans, historically illiterate as they are, think of Adolph Hitler when they hear “The Big Lie.” Hitler and the Nazis may have lied indiscriminately, but did they lie like our leaders did, and do? Did they blame the world’s tallest Arab for orchestrating an act of “terrorism” that killed 3,000 people? From a cave, no less. Did Hitler shut down his country (with the whole world following), over a supposedly deadly virus that couldn’t be isolated? Which means couldn’t be proven to exist?
We are not subject to the Big Lie. We are subject to the Big Lies. A continuous promotion of obvious falsehoods. Easily demonstrated to be falsehoods. But only allowed to be called falsehoods from the safety of our own homes, or behind (for now) anonymous keyboards. We are way beyond the emperor not wearing any clothes. People forget that, after the little boy points out that the emperor is naked, the people don’t suddenly become enlightened, or stop make believing. Instead, they ultimately ignore him, and continue to proclaim how wonderful the emperor’s clothing is.
A lot of us have been playing the part of that little boy, pointing out the nakedness of all the lies. But the sheeple don’t listen to us any more than the crowd worshiping a naked emperor’s clothes listened to the courageous boy. They prefer to believe in Oswald. And “terrorists.” And American exceptionalism. The myths that the crumbling foundation is supported by. Get the people to understand any of the Big Lies, and the foundation begins to give way. But ignorance is bliss, the poet reminds us. Who knows, maybe it’s better to be ignorant and happy. It’s certainly less stressful.
But it isn’t just the government that lies to us incessantly. The corporate world is built on lies. First and foremost, the Big Lie of free market competition. John D. Rockefeller, the father of modern capitalism, calling competition a “sin” should have given that one away. But it didn’t. The people actually think those businesses are “competing” with each other. The fact that the shoddy, foreign built products are all priced almost identically, wherever you choose to purchase them, apparently isn’t a big enough clue. Neither is the identical brand of disinterested “service” you’ll get at whatever “competitor” you select.
We are really lied to from birth. Sure, the lies about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are well meaning and understandable. They help make early childhood such a special treasure. But beyond learning the basic rules of grammar, and basic mathematics, what truths are told in our school systems? Back when I was in school, they had already eliminated civics from the curriculum, which was a sign of things to come. Does learning that an apple allegedly fell on Sir Isaac Newton’s head teach us anything? Does it explain gravity? How does this magical force hold the great bodies of water in place, while not being able to hold down a bird? Or even a butterfly?
Anyone who’s read my history books knows that our schools push relentless lies about the past into impressionable young minds. It’s more like McHistory, except it isn’t just unhealthy, it’s entirely untrue. World War I started because Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand was assassinated. How could millions not die because of that? We sent men to the moon multiple times, starting in 1969. With battery power akin to a hand held calculator. And we lined their craft with aluminum foil. Yes, you read that correctly. Go to the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum and see for yourself. Who knew it could protect them from the incredibly hazardous radiation and flying debris in space?
Now, the lies being taught back when I was a rebellious lad refusing to accept them, are nothing compared to what’s being promulgated in schools today. Gender is “fluid.” And there are fifty seven, or over a hundred, maybe a zillion, different genders. Pick the one you like best. That’s what we do here- give you “choices.” And Whites are bad. Really, really bad. We’re just born that way. Why can’t we use that as a defense- like the gays? Don’t try and change me- I was born White! We can’t help but be “racist.” And “supremacist.” We cause nonwhites, especially Blacks, not to succeed. But any successful Black, especially in sports and entertainment, got there on merit.
And all human beings, but especially the horrific White people, have caused something called “Climate Change.” It used to be called “Global Warming,” but they decided to switch labels. Kind of like going with the “African-American” thing. Don’t ask questions. We- and I am referring specifically to average, everyday people, especially average, everyday White people- are to blame for “Climate Change.” But incredibly wealthy White people are not. It’s a wealth disparity thing, you wouldn’t understand. At any rate, the schools will indoctrinate children to believe they must lower their standard of living. The “new normal” means no meat or hot showers.
Adding to this curriculum of propaganda and inaccuracies is the absolute lunacy of Transgender Story Hour. Or transgenders sliding down the stripper pole. For your very young child’s “entertainment.” And if you can’t get enough “grooming” inside the school, take your little boy or girl (yeah, I know, both of those are antiquated terms, unwelcome in schools now) to a “family friendly” drag strip show. Enjoy the pretend woman shaking “her” genitals in your kindergartner’s face. It’s “educational.” If you object, you’re transphobic. Or racist. Or maybe even an insurrectionist.
While our schools are busy pushing the most diabolical ideas imaginable into the impressionable minds of those we cherish the most, they are failing to actually….you know, educate them. A shocking number of kids graduate from high school without being considered as literate. Reading at a third grade level. They don’t even bother teaching cursive any more. It was a vestige of that “White Supremacist” world we hear so much about. The priorities for these “educators” who are increasingly revealing themselves on TikTok are clearly not reading, writing, and arithmetic. All that is “racist,” anyhow. Just give us your pronouns.
Our “free press” could expose any of these Big Lies. But they themselves are the conduit through which all the lies are transmitted to the public. Via insipid television shows and movies, which push the sick agenda nonstop. Continuous anti-White and male bashing. Promotion of fantastic fables like “pronoun” changing. Portrayals of angelic Blacks, majority mixed-race couples, and dastardly skinhead White street gangs. If only we could get rid of those White street criminals, our cities would be safe! Our culture promotes a literal anti-Reality, a Bizarro world where truth is depicted as lies, and lies as truth.
But even with such a poisonous culture, if we had real investigative journalists to expose the corruption, the Big Lies would come crumbling down one by one, like the old Cold War “Domino Theory” of communism. Alas, the only investigative journalists we have in this country are people like me, writing the books we can get published, hosting the kind of shows we do, on the platforms that will allow us. Or writing articles like this on Substack, sharing what we hope is worthy information and opinion about our cockeyed world.
Every child used to be told, back in the misty days of America 1.0, to “trust the law.” That meant the cop on the beat, when they used to walk a beat. I never told my kids to trust the law, because by then I had long stopped trusting it myself. No one should trust our militarized police forces now. Yeah, I know there are good cops, but they serve a deadly policing for profit system, which has stolen unfathomable amounts of property from innocent people under asset forfeiture laws, as well as framed an untold number of people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
But “the law” in a broader sense is, if anything, even less trustworthy. Should we trust the ambitious prosecutors, who have demonstrated time and time again that they care only about “winning” a case, and nothing about justice? Should we trust the monumentally mindless juries, who regularly convict people when there is often far beyond reasonable doubt? Or the lordly judges, who preside over the proceedings like priests, even to the point of having the congregation rise to their feet upon their entrance, and who will slap you with contempt charges if you dare to criticize them?
What about our financial system? Like the banks who are part of a fractional lending system, whereby they are permitted to loan money to hapless citizens, which they don’t actually possess. In the non-banking world, they call that counterfeiting. And if you fail to pay their phony mortgages, which they created out of thin air, they’ll foreclose on you and ruin your life. Miss a car payment for your phony car loan, and they’ll repossess your car. Our banking system is legalized theft.
Perhaps most noticeable of all, during this time of a supposed “pandemic,” is the Medical Industrial Complex. Should we trust the worst medical care system in the world, given that it is admittedly the third leading cause of death itself? Should we trust a system so dependent upon profit that it pushes deadly Big Pharma products on a frightened public? Considering all the holes in the official COVID narrative, why would anyone trust the people who are pushing it? They have zero credibility, and are responsible for far more harm than good. Hug your loved ones!
So, if we can’t trust a single part of the establishment, the still somewhat civilized order that distinguishes us from anarchy, is such an untrustworthy system worth supporting? Is what we have better than anarchy? Is a corrupt, potentially dangerous order better than no order at all? I’m not coming out as an anarchist, but I’m starting to understand their perspective. I have no argument with which to debate them. Tupac Shakur said “Trust no one.” I would amend that to “trust no authority.” We still need to maintain trust in each other.
As for the government, and the law, and the corporate world, and the entertainment world, and the legal system- you have failed us miserably. Would you trust a parent who had abused you for years? You have abused the common people. You don’t deserve our respect. If we could unplug from your rotten system, and not be thrown in one of your dreadful prisons, we’d do it. We are forced to pay tribute to a system we despise, and participate in the charade. I still think we need some kind of order. But we don’t need this criminal racket that you’ve created.
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10 thoughts on “Donald Jeffries, The Illegitimate Bastard Child America 2.0”

  1. Great article. I agree with everything in this article including Anarchy which also goes by the name Voluntaryism. I gave up on our dysfunctional system after Ron Paul was cheated out of a Presidential fair election in 2012. They literally pushed him out because they knew he was a threat to the tyrants and the theft going on against the American people. I knew there was no hope in this system anymore. Ten years later I see every part of the government is corrupt seeing what Dr. Fetzer is going through with “Lenny Pozner’s” lawsuit in the judicial system. Shame on everyone in the government for continuing to allow this to go on and destroy good people. I sincerely hope everyone gets what they deserve due to cowardice and greed. This time in history will show why it is not natural for men to control and lead other men using force against them if they do not comply.


  2. Schwab,pelosi,clintons, Soros etc are all white. They arebehind this non-white stuff. England banned slavery. Slavery is still here. In a sense we are living in anarchy, anything the elites want they ususally get. This is the end result of anarchy. It was a free world at some stage, and degenerated into this, “lord ofthe flies”.

  3. This came in under the radar. I cannot believe what I just read. Seems to me it’s time to do for America what the military has/is doing for Brazil. Short of that, I would say for all intents and purposes, America is over. Personally, I would rather live under anarchy…at least we’ll protect our own children and grand children. Sending air marshals to the border? Are you shyting me? That is ridiculous. Time for this diapered doppelganger to be put away forever.

    US air marshals plot ‘mutiny’ against Biden plan to leave flights unprotected

    “EXCLUSIVE — U.S. air marshals are planning to stage an open rebellion against the Biden administration over a plan that would strip 99% of commercial flights from federal protection as people take to the skies during the busiest time of the year for air travel .

    Dozens of federal air marshals have agreed to refuse a Biden administration order that they leave their assignments and go to the southern border , where they will drive, feed, and care for illegal immigrants due to a shortage of Border Patrol agents.”

  4. As honest an article I have ever read on this blog. Not a word to dispute. NOW, WHAT DO WE DO….since there is not one way to correct LEGALLY what we have now…..namely, lawlessness, corruption and perversion (especially of our children) beyond the imagination. That’s OK…I don’t expect an answer…never do.


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