Joachim Hagopian, Road to Destruction – 2019 Christchurch Mosque False Flag Shooting & New Zealand’s Strict Gun Control

Joachim Hagopian

[Author’s note: Back in 2019 amidst busily writing the 5 Pedophila & Empire books, along came the New Zealand false flag shooting. I wrote about it at the time but never bothered sending it out. Mary Maxwell reminded me earlier today if I ever did anything on it, she would like to know. So I found it and came up with this revised updated edition to piggyback off my last article. Figured with so many US false flag shootings, it seems relevant today.]

Recent mass killings in Texas since 2006 show the Lone Star State accounting for nearly 8% of all mass shootings in America, and with this year more than one mass shooting per day, the US is on pace to break all records. Thus, it’s understandable that the terror of mass gun violence in public places is currently a central focus sparking heated debate over the nation’s growing divide brewing over gun control. My last article posed the prospect that with governments around the world already proven guilty as criminal conspirators in a planet-wide genocidal depopulation agenda vis-à-vis mandated pandemic overreach injecting poisonous bioweapons in misnomered vaccines that aren’t even vaccines, nor are they safe nor effective as falsely advertised, but in fact are believed to have killed over a million Americans and perishing millions around the globe. All this is borne out by thousands of studies now making this indisputable fact, despite the doubling down lies by the mainstream whores. Cases in point, BBC is still claiming this week that Covid-19 “vaccines” saved nearly 20 million lives while Gates’ is still touting to this very day that benefits far outweigh any “minor” risks.

With these horrifying facts now conclusive that conspiratorial Western puppets’ mandated kill shots are now known to have committed medical mass murder on a global-wide scale, these same traitors have devastated their own militaries to doom with mandated poisons and rendered their own nations defenseless, additionally depleting their weapons stockpiles on the lost cause of Ukraine. The Western puppets have also followed their bloodline masters’ orders enforcing fixated sanctions against Putin that only boosted the Russian economy while clearly suicidal in effect to the Western economy. When all these irrefutable facts are taken into full account, it then becomes a perfectly reasonable postulation especially based on history to conclude the current unprecedented influx of US mass gun shootings are in actuality more state sponsored false flags intent on delivering stricter gun control measures. On top of all this, we also know that Imposter-in-Thief Biden is rapidly arming and militarizing all civilian federal agencies for war like there’s no tomorrow, co-timed with US mass shootings spiking off the charts to build sufficient pressure to pass legislation that will usurp our constitutional 2nd Amendment right of private gun ownership guaranteed law-biding citizens. Thus, all this is a deceitfully diabolical ploy to render our nation, our citizens and our families utterly defenseless against an increasingly tyrannical and hostile authoritarian government fast waging treasonous war against its own citizens.

With my last article covering this unfolding reality in detail, it’s worth taking a closer look at what happened three years ago in New Zealand. With the false flag in Christchurch, immediately followed by strict gun control regulations reducing firearms in the country, rapidly followed by the long planned COVID pandemic rollout with its tyrannical overreach of the current police state government that New Zealand has sadly become today – a review of the Christchurch mosque shootings on March 15th, 2019.

The New Zealand Shootings: Were they Real or a Political Stunt? (2 June 2020)

Of all people, pedophile John “Pizzagate” Podesta just happened to be in New Zealand 24 hours before the Christchurch shootings on the Ides of March 2019, praising WEF groomed dictator Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as “a superstar,” while warning her nation is  “a big juicy target” for cyberattack. But considering the multi-pronged cyberattack of the alleged shooter on Facebook Live, Twitter and his posted online manifesto, maybe Podesta knew something the rest of us didn’t. After all, according to Vatican watchman-author Leo Zagami, Podesta’s an Illuminati-Vatican asset and according to millions more an unindicted sadist-pedophile.

Alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant, now New Zealand’s biggest mass murderer, happens to be the same age as Australia’s biggest mass murderer at the time of the Port Arthur killings, 28-years of age, also Australian and a self-confessed white supremacist at that. Just as Thomas Hamilton, Britain’s deadliest mass shooter in the Dunblane massacre was a Freemason, it turns out so is Brenton Tarrant. On a supposed personal trainer’s income, globetrotter Brenton had traveled the world over including such odd places as Croatia, Turkey, Pakistan and North Korea. But his first stop was Israel where he was trained by Mossad, according to Veterans Today editor Gordon Duff sources. Tarrant’s Facebook Live video showcases the Mossad trained professional assassin in action. Also, the shooter who may actually be 46-years old now, born to British parents of Jewish origin, is confirmed to have spent time in Israel in 2017 and 2018. Several photos of Tarrant are circulating that clearly indicate a body double or triple.

After posting online his own allegedly scribed 73-page rambling racist rant along with photos on Twitter of his automatic weapons to be used in the attack, and then livestreaming on Facebook nearly 17 minutes of his supposed assault, this was a staged multi-platform launch for worldwide maximum public exposure and effect. Thus, the world instantly learned that Tarrant’s idol is none other than fellow Freemason murderer Anders Breivik, Norway’s biggest mass killer of 77 young people. Tarrant’s manifesto also speaks highly of Trump, calling him a “symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose,” fueling Trump haters with more hate, blame and international divide and conquer polarization.

Virtually all of today’s mass shootings are Deep State-sponsored inside jobs. Just like all the world’s biggest mass shooters, Tarrant is indelibly linked to security services, groomed by Zionist-Freemason handlers as yet another mind-controlled false flag spook to inflict maximum terror, hatred and more divide and conquer damage on an already highly polarized and dangerously deceived world. Like so many other false flags, a witness video showing at least two shooters was quickly removed from the internet. Strange how three others were detained in police custody in relation to the mosque attacks, with two arrested for illegal possession of firearms. Yet police have concluded they’re all in no way connected to the mosque incidents… how convenient. After all, evidence suggesting more than one killer contradicts the standard official, patently false “lone gunman” narrative.

Moreover, a number of early eyewitnesses spoke of multiple gunmen, and initial police reports placed multiple suspects in custody (at least four), along with a number of defused bombs on or in at least two vehicles at two separate locations. Yet after the first day’s reporting, all of these simultaneous major developments that were either directly or minimally indirectly connected to the identified shooter’s attacks were subsequently dropped. Now it’s back to the lone gunman mantra again, the classic false flag standard.

About four miles north of the first Masjid al Moor mosque attack, a man in army fatigues was arrested outside a high school that went into lockdown while a couple miles south of that first mosque a white van with explosives was defused. Another vehicle in the business district reportedly had two IUDs attached that were also dismantled. Additionally, eyewitness Syed Mazharuddin maintains that outside the second crime scene at the Linwood mosque, Syed observed a young man tackling the shooter and actually taking possession of his weapon. But because he didn’t know how to use the gun, Syed said the man he claims is a hero then:

Ran after shooter, but there were others waiting for him in getaway car.

This information hardly sounds like Tarrant was acting alone. Yet that’s the official word. Obviously, Tarrant was not a lone operator at all but mainstream media and the police are now colluding to willfully once again lie to the public. In fact, the New Zealand Herald went so far as to actually remove very revealing lines from its original March 15th article about the second shooting at Linwood mosque:

A well known Muslim local chased the shooters and fired two shots at them as they sped off. He was heard telling police officers he was firing in ‘self-defense.’ ‘They were in a silver Subaru,’ he told the police. [Emboldened emphasis on plural shooters]

Rather than report the truth that this man’s heroic actions no doubt saved many lives, limiting the Linwood mosque fatalities to just seven (while 43 allegedly perished at the other mosque), the media and police are actively withholding the truth from the public in yet another despicable false flag cover-up.

If still not convinced it’s another inside cabal job, the giveaway that’s become a false flag trademark is that local police just happened to be conducting a nearby live training exercise at the time of the incident. Plus foremost false flag expert James Fetzer points out a laundry list of unexplained anomalies based on the alleged shooter’s self-filmed 17-minute video alone – shooting victims show no blood or entry wounds even in close-ups; nor are any screams ever heard, nor are any people seen attempting to escape; then outside the mosque, the shooter fires his rifle aimlessly into an empty alleyway at no visible targets; in his car the shooter displays three fake plastic weapons; and finally, there’s apparently even a photo accidentally showing the director and crew – oops. Also through special effects, all the bullet casings in the shooter video disappear into thin air with the footage having the similar feel as a video game.

And who would possess both the most means and most motive to gain from the attack? Clearly the Zionist-Masonic international cabal, no one or nothing else comes close. No accident that the Luciferian elite’s hired guns, the most deadly mass shooters in Britain, Norway and now New Zealand, all belong to the same Masonic Luciferian brotherhood. Always ask who would possess both the most means and motive to gain from the attack? Clearly the Zionist-Masonic international cabal, no one or nothing else comes close.

Intended to deliver another wag-the-dog distraction away from the just officially declared Israeli genocidal war crimes in Gaza, this false flag hoax with its internet multiple-platform is the Deep State’s latest fake, amateurish attempt to trigger every hot button issue under the sun, from Islamophobia, white supremacy nationalism, to fear of more terrorism including jihadist retaliation against Western infidels, far stricter universal gun control and massive worldwide web censorship, i.e., a slew of divisive, cabal-manufactured and controlled Hegelian elements, driving a mostly still asleep-at-the-wheel world into further chaos and conflict, aimed at subversive destabilization and one world government tyranny. Again all these highly-coordinated, interconnected acts of staged gun violence provide deceptive theater of mass distraction in order to dodge the bigger truth-bomb bullets of the elite’s two Achilles heels – global child sex trafficking and human genocide aimed to significantly depopulate the planet, according to the cabal’s own sources particularly in the West. To that end, gun confiscation ranks a top priority followed by criminalizing dissidence and internet censorship eliminating citizens’ access to the truth.

Since state sponsored terrorism through security services engineered mass shootings are intended to bring about massive gun confiscation worldwide, let’s do a brief walk down memory lane. Until we learn our true history, we’re doomed to repeat it. Following each nation’s confiscation outlawing private gun ownership comes totalitarian oppression leading to massive democide, governments’ systematic mass murder of its own citizenry on an industrial scale, and now it’s gone international as human genocide. It’s been determined that 6 times more humans died at the hands of their own governments during history’s deadliest 20th century than the combined total that died in combat in all of last century’s wars, including history’s most lethal two world wars. Here’s another sobering historical fact: just ahead of virtually all the mass population ethnic cleansings, citizens’ guns have been seized by their governments. This history lesson is a grave, cautionary, life-and-death tale, today hanging precariously in the balance that the human species appears to largely be failing to grasp.

A quick review of the last 100 years: the 20th century’s first genocide – the Armenians – in the last days of the Ottoman Empire left a million and a half Armenians dead, one third of its earthly population wiped out during the final four years of the First World War, after Zionist Young Turks came to power to confiscate guns in 1915. A few years later in 1929, Dictator Josef Stalin imposed gun control on the Soviet Union, resulting in over 20 million more dissident deaths, although according to Russian writer and Gulag occupant Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, the Bolsheviks total bloodbath was 66 million. Shortly after World War II, the Soviet Union quickly extended gun control over its imperialistic Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. One gun control was established in China in 1935, it paved the way for another bloodthirsty Communist regime led by Mao Zedong’s reign of terror murdering up to 65 million Chinese. Gun registration was implemented in 1931 Germany, followed by Hitler in 1938 first rounding up the guns and then 11 million people for extermination amongst targeted groups like the Jews, gypsies and homosexuals.

In 1956 gun control arrived in Cambodia, followed two decades later by Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge genocide against up to two million of his own people. In 1964 Guatemala, guns were grabbed and in the 1980s, with help from the Reagan-Bush regime, this same genocidal pattern was repeated, causing the slaughter of 100,000 Mayan Indians. Again in 1970, gun confiscation in Uganda led immediately to the back-to-back genocidal dictatorships of Idi Amin and Milton Obote until 1985, killing at least 600,000. See the lethal pattern here? With all the state sponsored mass shootings and terrorism comes the repeated pattern of increasing gun control and rising tyranny, culminated by democide and genocide.

Though overt genocide has not erupted yet in either the UK or Australia since gun control took hold in 1997, both nations have become increasingly authoritarian along with the US during the West’s “war on terror” fabrication and Cold War 2’s reinvented enemies of the East – Russia, China and Iran. All this is part of the international cabal’s genocidal agenda, unleashed through a barrage of both slow and fast kill methods. Recall the infamous words of Illuminati guru Henry Kissinger, “useless eaters” have got to go.

While Dunblane became the state sponsored tragedy granting the British government the excuse to ban private handgun ownership, the Christchurch mosque shootings are serving the exact same nefarious purpose for New Zealand 23 years later. With strong evidence that a masonic connection was active in both nations’ biggest mass shooting incidents, and further a masonic pedophilia network at the heart of the bloody Dunblane massacre, minimally complicit behind the murder of 16 Scottish 5-and 6-year old kids and their teacher, gun violence victims are all too commonly used as sacrificial lambs necessary to provide the cover and diversionary excuse to ram through already planned gun control legislation. The means to this end in Scotland also conveniently exploited and silenced its set up villainous stooge – loser Thomas Hamilton – as its targeted patsy-monster while the pedophilic Deep State players all got off literally Scot free, just like in New Zealand.

The old whacked out scenario of the loner nut gunman (i.e., in the long tradition of Lee Harvey OswaldJames Earl RaySirhan Sirhan and the rest of the cabal-deployed stooges) is a most heavily tread territory, feebly propped up as the constant official narrative in every state sponsored inside job designed to terrorize populations into tyrannical fear and obedience. A century old ban on the Dunblane truth had to be placed under lock and key to withhold this most disturbing reality from the public. In view that the forever cover-up of the murderous pedophilia cabal has to be maintained if the global elite is to retain its dangerously destructive powers, secretly evoking the 100-year blackout rule was deemed an absolute must and no-brainer by the powers-that-should-never-be, unfortunately the same powers behind this latest false flag nearly a quarter century later.

It was predictable since right after the Dunblane in Scotland and Port Arthur in Australia those nations passed the strictest gun control and firearm confiscation in March and April 1996. And like clockwork, New Zealand is no different. Less than a month after the Christchurch shooting, the nation’s Parliament voted 119 to 1 to follow suit, imposing more gun control eliminating the opportunity of law- biding citizens to defend themselves and their families… more gun takeaway for more historical genocides.

Again, the Anglo-American-Zionist Empire, so central to today’s international Deep State cabal run by the bloodline ruled Khazarian mafia with its devil’s playground falling in Ukraine and preplanned controlled demolition of its central banking cartel infrastructure crumbling, as the full diabolical truth nears critical mass among awakened global masses, revealing both human genocide and the pedophilia entrapment scourge corrupting and blackmailing all governments. Fortunately for humanity’s sake, we are finally on to humanity’s one common enemy, determined to mete out accountability and justice. The day of reckoning is here in 2023 as their dark sinister crimes continue to unravel. The ruling elites know their jig’s up. That’s why they’re upping the ante bigtime, accelerating false flag attacks in the last holdout the United States, in order to disarm the civilian population worldwide for genocide full speed ahead. Cumulative tips of the Deep State iceberg melting away exposes the pink elephant in the room that can no longer be ignored nor swept under the rug.

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate, former Army officer and author of “Don’t Let the Bastards Getcha Down,” exposing a faulty US military leadership system based on ticket punching up the seniority ladder, invariably weeding out the best and brightest, leaving mediocrity and order followers rising to the top as politician-bureaucrat generals designated to lose every modern US war by elite design. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In Los Angeles he found himself battling the largest county child protective services in the nation within America’s thoroughly broken and corrupt child welfare system.

The experience in both the military and child welfare system prepared him well as a researcher and independent journalist, exposing the evils of Big Pharma and how the Rockefeller controlled medical and psychiatric system inflict more harm than good, case in point the current diabolical pandemic hoax and genocide. As an independent journalist for the last decade, Joachim has written hundreds of articles for many news sites, like Global and currently As a published bestselling author on Amazon of a 5-book volume series entitled Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy & the Deep State, his A-Z sourcebook series exposes the global pedophilia scourge is available free at Joachim also hosts the Revolution Radio weekly broadcast “Cabal Empire Exposed,” every Friday morning at 6AM EST (ID: revradio, password: rocks!).

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  3. A darn good article I’ll try to post in full…it’s that well done:

    …did not work…


    There is a breaking point when freedom-loving people will take back their country, apply power, gain altitude, and continue the journey of their lives…in freedom and security
    The Breaking Point

    The enemies of liberty have always found that Americans and lovers of freedom have a breaking point where patience runs out, and it makes little difference what political party you belong to or whether the enemy is foreign or domestic. There is a point where people say, ‘No more’ and stand their ground.

    Imagine yourself on an airplane. The aircraft is on autopilot, in a descent, getting close to the ground. The pilots are in their seats with their arms crossed refusing to take control and not responding to passengers’ demand that they do something to gain altitude and continue their journey.

    Our country is going in a direction we didn’t vote for and being governed by people totally unresponsive to its citizens
    That is what many of us, here in America, feel like. We are a nation on autopilot with seemingly no one of any competence, or even a desire to be competent, in charge. The country is in a purposeful decline and we don’t like the direction in which we are headed or know where we’re going to crash, but the people who programmed that autopilot, most likely a foreign entity, know full well where we are going, but the passengers are getting visibly nervous, uncomfortable and beginning to get angry.

    No matter what the polls say, or what people on the street say, no matter what is written in social media or letters to the editor, our country is going in a direction we didn’t vote for and being governed by people totally unresponsive to its citizens.

    We want to talk about the economy, they want to talk about climate change.
    We need to talk about vaccine deaths, but they want to keep pushing experimental jabs for a disease that kills maybe one half of one percent infected.
    And now we find more people are dying from the vaccine than of the disease.
    We say we need better infrastructure, they say we need drag queens and all-gender bathrooms.
    We say our children belong to us, they say they belong to them.
    They spent trillions of dollars and we have no idea where it went.
    We’re now paying double for gas because Biden decided we didn’t want to be energy independent, a first in world history.
    When we ask why they push EV vehicles when there is no affordable alternative or even a grid that can support it, we are ignored.
    We drain our strategic oil reserve and sell it to our enemies.
    We want to discuss chaos on our borders, they insist the border is secure and there is nothing to talk about.
    When cities burn because of BLM and Antifa, Democrats bail them out.
    When parents insist their children be educated, not indoctrinated, the Biden DOJ hunts them down with the FBI.
    The Biden administration is asked what the end-game is in Ukraine, reporters get Cheshire cat smiles.

  4. James Tracy’s Memoryholeblog site is gone. Such a shame. It was the locus of much hoax identifying activity during and after Sandy Hook. If you remember, Tracy lost his teaching job at Florida Atlantic University after being chased out by his “colleagues.” They insisted it was because of some form he didn’t fill out, but the truth is, they didn’t like that he had that blog. So they took his job and made sure he couldn’t work anywhere else. He was labeled a Conspiracy Theorist.

    This was all instigated by shapeshifter Lenny Posner, who sued Tracy first before UAF took up the witchhunt. It’s not surprising that the University, the town of Boca Raton, and the State of Florida are all captured by the usual suspects. That state has as many Jews as California and they get what they want. Look no further than DeSantis going to ISRAEL to sign anti-semitism legislation for Florida.

    Happily, this month, Tracy is published in E. Michael Jones’ Culture Wars magazine, with an extraordinarily perceptive article called, “Putting on the Whole World” Jerry Lewis and America’s Descent into Jewish Comic Madness.

    It begins:
    More than a decade before the 1960s cultural revolution Jerry Lewis (Joseph Levitch) epitomized the Jewish revolutionary spirit in entertainment that paved the way for the forthrightly profane comedy of Lenny Bruce, Phillip Roth and their successors, collectively signaling the Jewish takeover of American humor. Yet Lewis’ chronological station necessitated the deliberate projection of a more assimilationist facade. While those controlling U.S. mass media and culture over the past century were inclined toward being highly critical of Western culture before the 1960s, such notions “were not often expressed in media because of the influence of non-Jewish cultural conservatives.”

    I wish James Tracy profound luck in his future publishing career. We need his insightful voice, now more than ever.


  5. Sorry to have to report this: (what do you think, Jim?)

    “Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. put to rest rumors that he may end up joining Donald J. Trump’s presidential ticket in 2024.

    “Just to quell any speculation, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I join Donald Trump on an electoral ticket. Our positions on certain fundamental issues, our approaches to governance, and our philosophies of leadership could not be further apart,” Kennedy tweeted Wednesday.”

    1. Yep, more of the same fecal matter the elites and their media whores have been throwing around for decades. I wish people did what I did–cut out their television channels and newspapers!

      1. William, I did that 15 years ago….and my life has not skipped a beat. BUT, that TV addiction is like hypnosis…some can be put under and some cannot. We are a couple of the lucky ones. I have a daughter and a few friends who must have it on even to go to sleep.

  6. The elites have a problem with all these fake “mass shootings”–instead of more gun control, gun sales skyrocket in the aftermath, at least in the U.S. And at the rate they are being produced, the public becomes steadily inured to each new occurrence. If they were real, and people knew people who actually died in these “shootings”, it might be a different story. But instead what people truly fear are the real shootings and beatings and armed robberies occurring daily in our inner cities, leading to a mass exodus from them.

    1. William….and whatever happened to “Coroners Reports”? Are they extinct similar to common sense, morality and the time the word m-effer was as rare as an honest politician?


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