Jim Fetzer and Brian Davidson

[Editor’s note: We have prepared a checklist for law enforcement as guidelines in detecting and exposing staged events and “false flags” that are being used to deceive and manipulate the public. You can download the PDF from this site here. Please share this as far and wide as you can, beginning with your county sheriff and local police departments. There’s the ghost of a chance that it just might make a difference. Time is short. They want to take our guns. Act now!]


Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., and Brian Davidson, P.I.

5 June 2022

The authors collectively have 40+ years of private investigative research and critical analysis of politically significant but factually anomalous events, where aspects are puzzling because they do not add up and where consideration must be given to whether they may have been staged or faked and blamed on other parties to promote an agenda, such as gun control. Here are some rules of thumb indicating that you could be dealing with such a situation (which means they are highly reliable but not infallible evidential indicators):


__ No surge of EMTs

__ No string of ambulances

__ No med-evac choppers called

Authentic public medical resources, as a rule, do not participate in staged events because they may be needed for bona fide medical emergencies. So, you do not see them at Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, Orlando, Parkland, Las Vegas, Buffalo, or Uvalde. If they have only token presence, that is a strong indication you are dealing with a staged event. In Boston, for example, police would not allow real M.D.s to approach the victims, who were amputee crisis actors.


__ No blood

__ No bodies

__ Dead shooter

At Sandy Hook, the parents were not even permitted to see their children, who were identified using photographs (apparently because they only existed in the form of photographs). In Boston, there was initially no blood, which only showed up later and came out of small orange duffle bags. In Parkland, we have a 57-second video showing a black training dummy with no head and no arms lying on a pool of fake blood–and fake cops rushing in and out, to boot!


__ Conflicting stories

__ Crisis actors

__ Instant publicity

Calls for gun control from parents, who are not displaying appropriate signs of grief, is a tell that they are not in a state of grief but promoting a political agenda. Orlando was egregious. At Sandy Hook, donation sites were posted before the alleged shooting had even taken place. In Buffalo, a black “eyewitness” reported speaking with the “white supremacist” shooter for an hour the previous day–and was reporting the timing of shots to the tenth of a second. In Uvalde, two “dads” for the same kid. A schoolteacher from Sandy Hook made an appearance in Uvalde, too.


__ No investigation

__ Calls for action

__ Massive coverage

When every talking head is giving the same pitch about the “horrific shooting” and “demand for gun control” (where most of these are designed to promote the Democrat’s gun control agenda, often with the complicity of local law enforcement and even of the FBI), it becomes entirely apparent this was a staged event to promote a political agenda, an egregious example of which was the Jussie Smollett “hate crime” timed to benefit the “anti-lynching” bill of Kamala Harris and Cory Booker.

BLATANT EXAMPLE: The Buffalo “Grocery Store” Mass Shooting (always “mass”):


on Uvalde, see “The Raw Deal” (1 June 2022)

and “The Raw Deal” (3 June 2022)

TRAINING VIDEOS (reviewing a dozen or more with quick takes exposing them as fake):

How to Spot a False Flag (Part 1):

How to Spot a False Flag (Part 2):

4th of July Special with Bill Binney and Dr. Katherine Horton: How to Spot a False Flag:

False Flag and Conspiracies Conference (2020):

More Resources:

Check out: and

BACKGROUND: Disarming law-abiding citizens does not make them more secure. The nonsense being peddled by present and past Democrat administrations would bring about a minimum of 200,000 additional deaths of Americans by depriving them of the defensive use of guns, which the gun-grabbers and their allies in the media do not report. But it would make the US easier to invade by a foreign power, which may be the point.

The 2nd Amendment and the Politics of Gun Control

CONSPIRACY THEORISTS: Those who expose these false flags and staged events are liable to be attacked as “conspiracy theorists”, which is a form of self-defense by the government. Conspiracy theorists are exposing crimes the government does not want exposed—because, more often than not, they lead back to the government. Don’t let yourself be played. If you know what’s going on, then you should be a conspiracy theorist, a conspiracy analyst, or a conspiracy realist!

James H. Fetzer, Ph.D., “Thinking about ‘Conspiracy Theories’: JFK and 9/11”

Jim Fetzer, “What’s Wrong with Conspiracy Theories?”

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., “Conspiracy Theorists are Investigating Crimes: No wonder they want to silence us!”

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., is a former Marine Corps officer and retired university professor who offered courses in logic, critical thinking, and scientific reasoning for 35 years. He has been a serious student of conspiracies and false flags since 1992 and has pioneered collaborative research in this area by bringing together experts in different disciplines to sort things out. He has 24+ books in traditional academic areas and 12+ in conspiracy research, 6 of which have been banned by He currently has a Petition pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.

CONTACT:; (h) (608) 835-2707 or (c) (608) 354-4280.

Brian Davidson, P.I., has been a licensed private investigator in the State of Texas for 10 years. He has conducted seminars related to Open-Source Intelligence research and has contributed to research related to Sandy Hook, the Buffalo shooting, the Pulse nightclub, and many others. His company Panoramic Investigations is a general investigation firm that has handled many aspects of investigations from criminal defense, fraud, property crimes, murder, bank robbery, and others as well. Mr. Davidson can be reached at (832) 304-3577. His website is He currently operates the international secure tips line related to the Uvalde shooting where tips can be anonymously sent:

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  2. Wanna bet this crap would not happen here in Suwannee County Florida? Don’t take that bet….you’ll lose. This is farm country, friends. Unless the teacher wanted a pitchfork to become a new appendage, they would never come any place near putting some boy in a dress. The guy in this video (7 minutes) has had it. If it was me, I would find this teachers address and do what was necessary.

    And check out the rest of his channel.

  3. Could this be true? Maybe I’m dreaming. Could be the poles have shifted OR I have slipped into a parallel reality. Drugs will do that. Wait! I don’t use drugs. Could it actually be that something is changing? In any case , this slipped through. Wow…someone noticed something. Must read.

    ‘They keep threatening to arrest us.’ The obstacles facing local news in Uvalde

    “Over the past two weeks, Nora López, executive editor of the Express-News, has led her staff in covering this story. The job has been made more difficult, she said, by the obstacles facing her reporters and photographers. Visiting law enforcement officials and BIKERS (bikers??) obstructed reporters’ abilities to cover the funerals of victims”

  4. What a man! Chip Roy givin’ em hell in the House yesterday over gun rights…using a double edged sword, but I’ll take what I can get (13 million Jews dead, Snopes as a reliable fact checker and Uvalde as real).

    …and Jim Jordan doing his best to preempt tonights Hollywood production re Jan 6th (no way would I lose my lunch watching that crap).

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  6. Crossing the Rubicon, it might as well be molten lava with lighting bolts for the programmed schleps. My most recent red pills dropped. A young Buck of 25 was really jazzed about Johnny Depp. So I asked if he saw Fear and Loathing in Vegas. He said he had seen it. I showed him the clip of Johnny being dosed on adrenachrome. Just like everyone else it went right over their head both times. When I told him what it was, he didn’t believe me. Didn’t think anyone would be that horrible. Since it came from his favorite actor, I told him the news lies but you get truth in movies. Often these little details in movies can expose something huge like adrenachrome.

    I ran into a Vietnam Vet sporting the ball cap that proudly announces it. He was definitely MAGA. So I mentioned 2,000 Mules. He had not heard of it. I gave him a few of the ways they cheated Donald. His reaction… “you must watch Fox News”. So he dismissed the idea out of hand. I said I never watch the news because it’s nothing but lies. But check out 2,000 Mules it’s on youtube and other platforms. At some point the kid and the vet might have that lingering doubt I planted in them.

  7. Today is WW II D Day. Thousands of soldiers stormed the beaches of France to fight the Nazis.

    Today in 2022 the US is mostly safe from foreign enemies. The only people the US is not safe from is the US Government itself.


    1. Posted for Will Two:

      Thanks all, for your non-response to my last Smith-Mundt comment (you cannot support the truth by ignoring challenges even to the alternative versions. The truth is, I am actually not challenging the accepted version, I am simply asking for the courtesy of an informed response)

      That aside, here’s an excellent article from Memoree Joelle which I found on Jim Stone’s site. I hope it comes out large enough…if not, just go to:

      1. All respect, Mr. Fetzer…you are really not following the thread from the start….don’t blame you, I know you are busy. Not that big a deal for anyone here…just me trying to work it out. I’m sure your time is more valuable. Thanks anyway.

      2. Fill me in, Will. Don’t be subtle. Just tell me what I may have missed. I invite and thrive on criticism.

      3. Thanks for posting that….but the end of the article is missing on Stone’s version. You can find the entire article here: (just as an aside, surprisingly, Startpage is censoring any access to I found it on an a Quant search engine). I did attempt to post the entire article since it was fairly short, but it too was censored on this blog. …nothing to do with Dr. Fetzer…just the gears behind the blog.

      4. OK, Dr. this will be at least the 3rd time I have posted this. I know you are busy, so it’s not subtlety….simply respect for your time. It’s not easy on this blog to go back and find things…but here it is….in the comments on this article…..

        Notice your reply at 8:09 and my reply to that which emphasizes the Apple Pie pdf analysis. The first two you present have no real analysis. I think it’s important to read the pdf and to save time, go to the section that starts with the 2013 NDAA how the SM “modernization” act was stuck in there. I’ll say it again, I just do not see enough latitude in the revised act that would allow staged acts and fake deaths to be made legal. It seems Berg agrees to some extent, although I have no idea if he has read that document. To me, it’s quite a brilliant analysis. AND, even in the FIRST revision of the SM act (prior to its inclusion in the 2013 NDAA), I found this:


        “(a) In General.—No funds authorized to be appropriated to the Department of State or the Broadcasting Board of Governors******* shall be used to influence public opinion in the United States. *******

        As I have said, I could be incorrect….I am just looking for some clarity.

      5. Ahhhhhh. OK. I get it. What do you think the “modernization” act was all about? What needed “modernization”? Doesn’t it authorize the distribution and dissemination within the US of the same information and productions currently only authorized for distribution and dissemination abroad?


        “Sec. 501. (a) The Secretary and the Broadcasting Board of Governors are authorized to use funds appropriated or otherwise made available for public diplomacy information programs to provide for the preparation, dissemination, and use of information intended for foreign audiences abroad about the United States, its people, and its policies, through press, publications, radio, motion pictures, the Internet, and other information media, including social media, and through information centers, instructors, and other direct or indirect means of communication.

      6. Well, obviously, that term is a euphemism to avoid any attention to what was really being changed. ….which was to allow domestic use of propaganda. BUT, again, the use of propaganda, similar to many commercials we may see on TV or in other media, is a far cry from staging events that in essence change and distort history. I do not see permission for that in the revised act. I am not saying they may not have taken it and ran with it ILLEGALLY, but as far as I can tell, the wording does not allow for it. If you or anyone can point out where in that document that may be, I am certainly open to being educated. I think this was Maxwell’s point….of course, I don’t know for sure.

      7. OK, Dr…..replying to your comment at 11:36 that was not up when I commented at 11:42…things are getting crossed up here…..The final form was in the NDAA of 2013 according to that pdf. If one reads that final revision in that pdf/analysis, there is nothing about EVENTS….unless I am missing it….which is entirely feasible. The language in these documents is not for normal human consumption or comprehension…similar to “legaleeze”.

  8. There were few if any ambulances at the Boston Marathon hoax but there was were dozens of wheel chairs. There were so many that it was laughable. If you were really special, you got ride around in a wheel chair. It was an honor….for your acting ability.


    1. My doctor at the VA clinic told me that this photo is showing a complete FAKE. That man lost his legs many years before this event.

  9. File photo:
    I can practically guarantee you that if this fellow shows up at a shooting, that it was a fake event. He is usually on site to console some grieving person.
    He then goes home to his two children and old boyfriend.
    If you don’t know the person in my File photo….I’ll post some more clues.

    BTW, the above Post is one of the most concise I have ever read.



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