Historic Mission: Joint US-Israel Operation to Rescue 150 Hostages – Delta Force, Seal Team 6 and Shayetet 13 will enter the heart of Gaza!


[Editor’s note: It’s now apparent that Hamas was allowed to attack and seize property and hostages in Israel to justify a massive & brutal counterattack to “wipe Gaza off the map”, perhaps in frustration for Russia denying them Ukraine as “the New Israel”. Happening now.]

Israel and the US will attempt to free the approximately 150 hostages held by Hamas in tunnels in the Gaza Strip. This is a historic mission with a high degree of risk.

The operation is expected to begin as soon as the Israeli Headquarters established specifically for this purpose locates the exact location of the hostages.

To this end, US Special Operations teams and Intelligence Agents arrived in Israel as Advisors to assist Israeli forces in rescuing the hostages in Gaza once the ground invasion began.

Unofficial sources say that elite US forces will normally participate in the operation.

The Americans photograph Greece saying that “US special operations forces have been put on alert in a nearby European country (JSOC Unit)” to help even more if needed.

Earlier it was reported that the Greek Navy has reportedly been placed on High Alert with the Psara frigate deployed with NATO’s Standing Naval Group 2 in the Eastern Mediterranean for operations alongside the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.


There will be a hostage rescue operation in Gaza!

The US has sent hostage rescue experts to advise Israeli forces on the release of 150 hostages – possibly including some Americans – kidnapped by Hamas during the bloody offensive in southern Israel.

More specifically, the US is sending hostage rescue experts to Israel and putting the special operations team “Door Kickers” on alert.

Meanwhile, US special operations forces have been put on alert in a nearby European country, according to two senior US military officials who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive national security issues.

Sources described these troops as “Door Kickers”, who could conduct a rescue effort themselves if ordered.

Officially, US forces will not assist Israel in any operations on the ground, the sources said. Unofficially, the Americans are feverishly working on their participation in the joint venture.

The US has sent both members of the intelligence community and special operations forces from US Central Command and US Special Operations Command to Israel to advise and assist in intelligence operations, the sources told The Messenger .

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin confirmed on Tuesday that the US has “people on the ground” to assist Israeli authorities “with intelligence and planning” for possible operations involving hostage rescue efforts.

Austin, who traveled to Brussels with US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Charles Brown to meet with the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, said the Pentagon has a “liaison team” in Israel that works with Israeli special operations forces.

Austin also said the US has the ability to “rapidly deploy other resources in the region”.

The White House said 11 Americans were killed in Israel and several remain missing.

Officials have not confirmed that any Americans are among the hostages, but on Tuesday, family members of four Americans came forward saying they believed their loved ones had been kidnapped in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Hamas threatened on Monday to begin executing hostages in retaliation for Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip

US defense officials described the attack, which involved gunmen targeting civilians and kidnapping elderly women and young children, as “ISIS-level savagery”.


Delta Force and Seal Team 6

Although officials did not say what kind of special operations forces were put on alert, they said the military unit fell under the Joint Special Operations Command.

The two primary counterterrorism units under the Joint Special Operations Command that have historically undertaken hostage rescue missions worldwide are the Army’s Delta Force, officially known as the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and the Navy’s SEAL Team Six (Naval Special Warfare Development Group ).

Logically, from the Israeli side, the Shayetet 13 elite forces will attempt.

In addition, the US has begun work on delivering ammunition and air defenses to Israel.

The Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78) and five guided-missile cruisers and destroyers arrived off Israel in the Eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday, sources told The Messenger.

“The arrival of these highly capable forces in the region is a strong deterrent message should any enemy of Israel consider trying to take advantage of this situation,” said Gen. Michael “Eric” Kurila, who oversees US Central Command. .

Defense Secretary Austin said in a statement on Sunday that the carrier group would be augmented by US Air Force fighters “to enhance regional deterrence efforts”.

Defense officials said deploying the USS Gerald R. Ford strike group to the region would prevent any country or group such as Iran or Hezbollah from taking advantage of the conflict.

A senior defense official said Monday that the strike group can perform “a full range of missions, from intelligence gathering, maritime dominance, to long-range strike, will ensure the United States is prepared to respond to any contingencies and will minimize risk wider conflict that would threaten stability in the region”.

The Pentagon said it was in contact with the US defense industry to expedite pending Israeli orders for military equipment in the region, while also assessing what ammunition could be provided to Israel from the US stockpile.

“All of this is clear evidence in action and not just words of US support for Israel’s defense and serves as a deterrent message to Iran, Lebanese Hezbollah and any other proxies across the region who may think of exploiting the current situation for to escalate the conflict. Those adversaries should think twice ,” the senior Defense official said on Monday.




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  2. Jim, could not agree more with your editorial comment. My question now is what the hell is “Seal Team Six” doing there….participating in another OBL moment? Who believes this Hollyweird” crap? Man, would I love to hear what’s going to be said in those earbuds as the “rescue” goes forward. Is another Seal Team Six going to meet with an untimely accident?

    And now they’re calling to “bomb, bomb, bomb” Iran (is McCain’s ghost leading the charge?) “Shame, shame, shame” on all of em’!


    1. Does Seal Team 6 even exist? It was abolished in the 1980’s and, according to Seymour Hersch, they weren’t even involved in the death of Osama Bin Laden because according to him the official US narrative was basically a bunch of lies. But I predict that there will be a “miraculous” hostage rescue in Gaza by these “legendary” military units and that hundreds of “hostages” will leave alive and be interviewed on CNN and other MSM news channels and all will be well again in the land of Zion.

      1. “Does Seal Team 6 even exist?” Doubtful. But this is a Hollywood production….and in movies, any fantasy is possible. I am certainly more inclined to believe Hersch than the fake news MSM. Could be Schwarzenegger may be involved in the rescue, eh?

      2. And here’s Biden continuing to add to his popularity. Are you kidding me?


        …as the illegal immigrants are given free passage anywhere with in the US??

        FJB, you make me physically ill. Please resign and take camel toe with you.

        We understand there is high demand from U.S. citizens wishing to depart and the flight options are reduced. In the coming days we hope to assist U.S. citizens with transportation options to depart Israel. Due to the large numbers of U.S. citizens indicating interest in departure assistance, we will plan to offer transit over several days. If you choose to take this departure assistance, transportation may be by air or sea and will be to a nearby safe location and not to the United States. Travelers should be prepared to arrange their own lodging at the safe location and pay for their own onward travel from the third country to their chosen destination. Departure assistance is provided via a loan from the U.S. government which requires travelers to sign a promissory note (an agreement to repay) prior to departure.

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