Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook and the Remington Arms Lawsuit. Help!

by Mary W. Maxwell, Ph.D., LL.B.

{Article revised on 13 August 2021 by the author.)

[Editor’s note: I have added a few images (with captions) and corrected a few minor mistakes, which are in brackets […] or as Editor’s notes as well as adding links to Mary’s other books and to a book review.]

I am a dual citizen of US and Australia and have been involved in investigating cases in both my countries. For example, in Australia I investigated the 2014 “siege” of the Lindt Cafe in Sydney, a supposed terrorist event. I wrote a book about it, called “Inquest,” based on what I heard at the coronial court. In the US, I have written a book entitled “Boston’s Marathon Bombing: What Can Law Do?”

I pride myself on being a conspiracy theorist who DOES NOT use photos or videos of the event to determine what happened. I mainly study the court documents. Not that I condemn the use of videos; it’s just that it isn’t to my taste. The Sandy Hook massacre took place on December 14, 2012. I did not pay much attention to it. There were no trial transcripts to deal with, as the alleged gunman, Adam Lanza suicided at the scene.

I am aware that Jim Fetzer edited a book called “Nobody Died at Sandy Hook,” but I have not seen it. And I’ve heard he is under a court order not to disburse any more copies of it.

Sure, I have seen the video of a Sandy Hook Dad, Robert Parker, appearing to giggle before attending a press conference but I would not consider such a thing to be definitive of anything. I also saw, soon after the event, Dr Wayne Carver (the local autopsy man) giving what Commenters said were outlandish replies to questions at a press conference, but I did not find them outlandish.

Long story short, I do not want to wade into the Sandy Hook event. (I am willing to wade deep into the Dunblane massacre of children in 1996, and have done so in my book “Deliverance” (2018) and my book “Reunion: Judging the Family Court” (2019).

The Remington Arms Lawsuit

However, a new, secondary part of the Sandy Hook story has emerged and no one seems to have covered it. It’s got court documents aplenty. This article is my little contribution to putting some of the data forward. Remington Arms is a gun manufacturer that went out of business. Several of the alleged family members of the Sandy Hook children, led by Donna L. Soto, decided to sue the manufacturer of the Bushmaster gun that had been allegedly used at Sandy Hook.

In our face: Donna Soto, mother of Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto, and Susan Bro, mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer, apparently are played by one-and-the-same crisis actor. It’s right in our face.

As far as I know, there is no proof that Adam Lanza did use that gun — no fingerprints were taken. As this was a civil action by Soto, not a prosecution, no one had to demonstrate how the killings took place.

Remington (in receivership) and its insurance carriers have offered to settle with the families for $33 million. As soon as the families sign the offer, and the court rubber-stamps it, the matter will be “history.” Dr. Jim Fetzer, [one of] whose attorney is William Sumner Scott, does not want it to become history. He is trying to alert the insurance companies (most of them are re-insurers, I think) to the fact that Remington should not have meekly accepted blame for the deaths of the children as “there were no deaths.”

Note, the event took place more than ten years ago. Soto sued Remington in 2014. It’s unusual for a shooting victim to succeed in trying to hold a weapon-manufacturer responsible. Remington pointed to a statute protecting the manufacturer, but the court ruled that that statute did not apply, as the Bushmaster is a military-grade gun.

Remington elected to take bankruptcy rather than fight on. But Dr. Fetzer had Attorney Scott write to the insurance companies to suggest to THEM that they should not become party to a fraud. In other words, in paying the money to the plaintiffs, they are agreeing that the children were actually killed. Fetzer says “Hold your horses!”

Note: thirty-three million dollars is not chicken feed. I suppose the payment to Soto et al means that other creditors will lose their claims. Remington already sold off its plant in Alabama and it even sold the goodwill to the gun’s name “Bushmaster”.Most likely Remington’s receiver (aka “Debtor in Possession”) can’t be expected to get into a sweat over Fetzer’s alert. The insurance companies, however, should do a doubletake — at least.

The Phony (?) Death Certificate

There was already one court case at which the matter of the children’s massacre came up. A man named Leonard Pozner, the father of a 5-year-old child Noah Pozner, took offense at the book by Fetzer and sued him. Fetzer had published that the child’s death certificate was faked.

The disputed death certificate has no file number, no state certification and no town certification, where, in CT, not even parents are allows to possess uncertified death certificates.

At a District Court in Wisconsin, in 2018, a judge gave summary judgement in favor of Pozner. As far as I know, Fetzer was not given the opportunity to get discovery, for example to have the Connecticut Office of Vital Statistics determine if the Death Certificate was genuine.

Then, the judge called in a jury, only on the question of how much the Pozner Dad should be paid. The jury arrived at the figure $450,000. Naturally, the publication of such a large award is a message to conspiracy theorists that they should just whistle Dixie on similar cases. And it is a message to the public that “Yes, of course the children died.”

Last year, in Wisconsin’s appeal court, Fetzer filed a post-hearing motion to request reconsideration of the damages award, but it was denied, again without his being able to present evidence. [Editor’s note: For documents in the Pozner v. Fetzer lawsuit, visit Ron Avery’s brilliant site.] Conceivably, Fetzer can still get that state’s supreme court to look at it, but it is not obliged to do so.

Needless to say, judges are not champing at the bit to get involved in ANY alleged conspiracy case. I am an amicus curiae in the Boston Marathon case [Editor’s note: Amicus Curiae Brief and Appendix], which will be argued before the US Supreme Court on October 13, 2021. I fear that the Justices will look only at the narrow issue of the death sentence and not at the merits of the case (in which a Public Defender boastfully declined to defend her “guilty” client — amazing.)

Is There a Case for Sandy Hook?

What can a citizen offer, to try to knock down the official allegation that 20 children (and Lanza’s mother and five staff members) died at Sandy Hook? The subtitle of Jim Fetzer’s book is “It Was a FEMA Drill [to Promote Gun Control].”  Ahem, does FEMA have something to hide? On his website, Fetzer [Editor’s note: a commentator] shows pictures of four of the deceased children now grown up to be 16-year-olds.

The letter that Fetzer had Wm Scott send to the insurance companies warns that of the reported 469 kids who were in school (or at the FEMA drill) that day, many are now grown up and some percentage of them may be wanting to spill the beans. (Some have reportedly done so on Twitter but got deleted instantly — I can’t verify that.) The letter to the insurers also points out that if residents of the area, who know that the children didn’t die, now see a few families getting $33 million, there will be plenty of resentment.

Investigator Wolfgang Halbig

There is another dissident, Wolfgang Halbig, who has tried for years to demonstrate the falseness of the shooting. I recall seeing him on YouTube, seated next to a lady lawyer who was wearing a red dress, barking questions at officials in a hearing called to answer his FOIA requests. The men did not give straight answers. The YouTube video has disappeared. (Why?)

I am not sure if Halbig was at that time pursuing the theory that the real Sandy Hook school had been closed for over a year before December 2012. But anyway, he has since pursued that, obliquely. He has found that milk deliveries to that school did not occur in the months September to December 2012.

Halbig is a former law enforcement officer, and was not pleased when police recently came to his house (in Florida) and manhandled him. I say that’s a vote in favor of their being foul play in the Sandy Hook story — why not let a busybody get on with the job of checking on milk deliveries? Could it hurt?

Perhaps there are other citizens out there working on the Sandy Hook case. Many of us with a background in conspiracy got sidetracked into looking at the Covid matter during 2020 and 2021. If you have something to contribute, you should contact Fetzer [], Scott [], or Halbig [].

Bye-bye Truth?

Generally speaking, I think journalism students — and police — have been taught to accept the notion that some untrue stories will be broadcast officially and that “There’s a good reason for it, which we won’t spell out at the moment.”

I will link, below, an article I wrote in 2015, in which I guessed that the report of the 27 Sandy Hook deaths was, to use the Australian expression, dinki di. But having seen, now, that courts are flub-dubbing due process, I must reconsider. Maybe all the kids are alive (which is surely a good thing!). We need a breakthrough, as everyone is sinking deeper and deeper into unreality.

Here is a minor point, which I found in the 2013 book “Monumental Myths” by Ty Bollinger — whom I know to be a reasonable human being. That book breezes you through myriad conspiracy theories. At the bottom of page 357 we find the following, concerning the alleged shooter’s mother:

“Let’s look at a couple of anomalies regarding Nancy Lanza for a moment, shall we? The official story is that she was a kindergarten teacher at Sandy Hook. According to a report on Channel 9 News in Sandy Hook, which was aired live on the day of the shooting, a female reporter spoke about the Sandy Hook school nurse. When the nurse was asked about Nancy Lanza, she told the reporter: ‘Nancy was beloved teacher… an absolutely loving person and a very caring experienced kindergarten teacher.’

“The only problem with this testimony is that Nancy was never a teacher at Sandy Hook, nor even in the entire state of Connecticut. She never had a teacher’s certificate. Other than the mysterious school nurse, nobody at school knew who Nancy was. ‘No one has heard of her,’ said Lillian Bittman, who served on the local school board until 2011. ‘Teachers don’t know her.’ Research shows that Nancy was actually an employee of JP Morgan Chase. Oddly, in her obituary, there was no mention of Adam.”

Please, somebody, please deal with this.

Here is the link to my 2015 article in which you can see the lady lawyer in the red dress. To her right is her client, Wolfgang Halbig. Somewhat to my surprise, Mary there declares her belief that 20 children and 6 adults died at Sandy Hook. [Editor’s note: For my most recent presentation of evidence to the contrary, see “What happened at Sandy Hook? How we know it was staged”, Great Awakenings with Scott Bennett, (4 August 2021).]

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26 thoughts on “Mary Maxwell, Sandy Hook and the Remington Arms Lawsuit. Help!”

  1. Just imagine if the teachers at Sandy Hook had guns. Oh wait…..I almost forgot
    there were no teachers at Sandy Hoax because the school had been closed for 4 years.
    It was a 2 day FEMA drill cooked up by Obama and Eric Holder to Promote Gun Control.
    It didn’t work and the lowlife America / Constitution hating Obama who couldn’t build a functioning website for over a $billion and who likely managed our Afghanistan exit debacle motivated more Americans than at any time in our history to arm up. “The ATF report confirms what we already know: that Barack Obama deserves the “Gun Salesman of the Decade” award.”

  2. Sandy Hook is one of the most well documented and investigated hoax false flags ever including a 404 page full color thoroughly footnoted book by Dr. James Fetzer which has been forced out of publication by the deep state.  Something that should be considered is the $100 million in charity donations the Sandy Hoax gang has raked in. That is $100 million in felony charity fraud since it is based on a FEMA drill to promote gun control pretending to be a massacre. Also of note is the donation websites started going up two days before the event.

  3. Sandy Hook is no more real than the Jussie Smollett attack. Except, Sandy Hoax has the deep state, the courts and the media pushing the lie. With the likes of Obama and Eric Holder two of the Sandy Hoax producers in the background making sure the giant fraud is not exposed.

  4. Wolfgang Halbig asked a simple question ‘Who ordered the Sandy Hook port-a-potties and when were they delivered?’ For this simple question detectives showed up at his door and threatened his life.

  5. “Remington and its insurance carriers have offered to settle with the families for $33 million.”
    Sounds about as real as the OJ trial.
    “O. J. Simpson sentenced to 33 years in prison”
    “Goldman family wins $33 million from OJ Simpson”
    It’s all BS and it goes on and on.
    “Dylan Roof found guilty of 33 federal charges”
    “Names Of 33 Victims In Pulse Nightclub Shooting Released”
    How anyone can believe this stuff is beyond me.

  6. Wondering what crazy new thing will happen tomorrow, Sandy Hoax is now 11 years ago. Hard to comprehend, I can’t account for the last decade very well except for one yardstick… skiing about 1000 of those days or so. When I heard THE SETTLEMENT figure OF 33 million, I knew it was a signal calling all Satanists to Black Mass, or whatever those soul-less fucks going straight to hell – do when they see Satan’s signature.

    I saw a youtube video clip of someone literally selling their soul as prescribed by Crowley. I guess it should surprise no one it wasn’t banned. It was part of a fascinating expose on magicians. It was pretty compelling case laid out that all the top magicians have made the bargain of the damned. I’ll never forget Bob Dylan admitting it in an interview, shocking beyond all reason. Ozzie Osborn has a song that starts with “Mister Crowley’… followed by that killer riff. Did you know that his band Black Sabbath had an album called “We sold our soul for Rock N Roll”

    Back to current events… Anyone seen any more on the UN troops becoming a presence here? Did you all hear that SD Governor Kristi Noem is riding in the biggest Sturgis Rally ride?

    1. Dave…Not to contradict you, but I have seen that interview dozens of times. It was very rare because Dylan rarely agrees to interview because early in his career he was misaligned many times by the press. He wrote Idiot Wind for that specific purpose. Great song.
      In that interview, he was asked who he made the deal with. He said the great commander. That’s at about 15 minutes in the following video with Ed Bradley. Also note that at 10 minutes or so, he speaks of God being the judge. Is that a man who has made a deal with Satan? Personally, I do not think so. But, all this is typical of what the press has done to Dylan all his life. The same press that is now going along with a world wide genocide program and a fake pandemic.

    2. First of all there is no evidence of god, satan, or any of that nonsense. Find it, become a billionaire.

      Next, the term “selling one’s soul” comes from the Faustian German legend. Just like a British prop master made up the horned Viking helmet, or Indians don’t attack at night, etc., humans are living so many lies.

      Next, the use of the metaphor by people (Blues man Robert Johnson, or Dylan, or whomever) is just that. Reflecting they gave up their own values or morals, etc. to be successful. Much like climbing a mountain of challenges.

      It is so ironic isn’t it, so many who believe that they are “awake” or advanced in their thinking still carry and hold on to such nonsense?

  7. Wolfgang Halbig has provided 100% proof that the “Sandy Hook” students were actually at Chalk Hill Middle School beginning at August of 2012. He has several invoices, emails, satellite images of the vans used to transport the students and teachers, and testimonies from some of the children (and I believe Vicky Soto as well). Remington and its insurers know all this as well and could produce this evidence and also testimonies from key officials who were well aware of the use of Chalk Hill Middle School. But they are either being forced to accept this settlement or are part of the larger financial power behind the hoax.

  8. This isn’t about the article, but is there any way to make the atttached images clickable to get bigger ones? The thumbnail size really isn’t useful to see any detail.

    Or just post on imgur or similar site instead.

    1. Right click on the image and you will see options. I can only speak for Linux OS…the top option will be to open image in a new tab. When you do that, the image will be larger in the new tab and some will get larger yet, if you left click them in the new tab. Windows has different options.

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  10. Why was a Hollywood actor posing as a Swat Team member and a grieving father on Hoax day? Did he receive double pay? Later this actor also went to the White House for a special award. The sitting President at that time loved to host all manner of fakers and crisis actors. Hoaxes were his hobby whilst in the Oval Office.

    Every time there was a shooting during his tenure, he would rush to the scene, shed gallons of ”tears” and call for gun control.


  11. Not sure why you would publish this Jim. Slow day??

    I don’t “get” what I am supposed to “get” from it I guess.

    She seems more like controlled opposition, that Alex Jones stuff of 80/20 truth/misdirection.

    “Doesn’t look at photos or videos??” Can’t trust her lying eyes perhaps?

    I mean, yes, graphic programs can do amazing stuff but com’ on man! Nose out on 9/11, no blood at Sandy Hook, the Tsarnaev back pack, etc. hardly contrived photoshop work.

  12. These two fakers go by the name Sexton and live in Florida. So what are they doing pretending to be worried residents of Newtown on SH Hoax day?


  13. Dead boy attends his own funeral and later sees President Obama sign a document.

    Using children to promote a dubious political agenda is immoral. I wonder if they gave their consent?


  14. File: Here is the school nurse ”Sally Cox” in the early morning and late in the day. Both were seen on TV news.
    Notice her complete cosmetic makeover for the evening news.
    In her early morning TV appearance she states that she thought she might help because she had heard about the ”shooting”. She never once said she was the school nurse…..stay tuned folks.

    Eight hours later on the Evening News she had been morphed into the official Sandy Hook school nurse [Sally Cox]. Do I detect a load of hocus pocus BS here? The TV news director had even given her a fresh hairdo and spooned on a thick paste of makeup. (photos are from my collection of 100s of photos of the Sandy Hook Hoax..)


  15. The article does not add much to the facts, but I do like the reminder of that gif that shows Donna Soto and Susan Bro to be the same person. When I returned to Charlottesville after that obviously staged event, I found it surprising no one would talk about it. Most of the old timers hated what Charlottesville had become (a tech funded yuppie/snow flake “paradise”). In any case, I wonder if we could use that same technology to prove that Biden is not Biden. What do you think Jim?

      1. If today’s Biden is a lookalike actor he’s both the best and the worst actor in world history.

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