Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., Motion to Open Judgment Pursuant to Extrinsic Fraud and Fraud Upon the Court

Jim Fetzer, Ph.D.

Having carried my Sandy Hook case from Dane County Circuit Court to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals (District IV) and the Wisconsin Supreme Court and then going to the United States Supreme Court (all to no avail), it became apparent that my only option was to expose the fraud behind the fraud (the Extrinsic Fraud) and the complicity of the Court and the attorneys for the Plaintiff, Leonard Pozner (the Fraud upon the Court).

I had suggested from the beginning that Leonard Pozner was not a real person but a legal fiction, but it has taken me close to a year to put it all together. I have posted my motion below, but the exhibits run 548 pages in total and could only be taken by the Court in 10 MB segments. Since my exhibits ran 107 MB, they had to be uploaded in 11 parts, which are linked below. Some fascinating stuff.

The simplest proof of the Extrinsic Fraud would be that some of the alleged decedents are either fictions or are still alive. Some only existed as photographs, such as my favorite, Noah Pozner, who was said to be the youngest member of the 1st grade class at Sandy Hook. “Noah” turns out to be a fiction created out of photos of his “half-brother”, Michael Vabner, when Michael was a child.

And the simplest proof of the fraud upon the court is that, as I protested at the time, the person who appeared in Dane County and testified under the name of “Leonard Pozner” was not the same person whose image had been published millions of times worldwide. He was younger, thinner, and (to put it most simply) just a smaller person. Notice he looks older in 2012 than he did in 2019:

And when “Leonard Pozner” was featured on 60 Minutes, they used the celebrated artist Katu Hero, who has won award after award, to make up the subject (who appears to have been the witness in Madison) to make him look more like the Sandy Hook Pozner. But why go to all this trouble, time and expense for a man whose image has appeared millions of times around the world, unless it’s not the same guy?

The quantity and quality of the evidence I have amassed ought to satisfy even the most demanding critic. Thus my Affidavit affirms that my MOTION TO OPEN JUDGMENT PURSUANT TO EXTRINSIC FRAUD AND FRAUD UPON THE COURT is brought in good faith and substantiated by thorough and detailed documentation in Exhibits A-Z, which you can access to review for yourself below:

Would that I could make them available in a single file, but as noted it runs 548 pages and was therefore too large for the efiling system of Dane County. Here’s what you will find in those 11 separate files that I have made available below. Ask yourself how many proofs you can find that Sandy Hook was a hoax and that my trial was an astonishing miscarriage of justice from beginning to end. ENJOY THE HUNT!















Jim Fetzer, Ph.D., a former Marine Corps officer and retired professor of philosophy, hosts “The Raw Deal” on Revolution Radio (Studio B) M/W/F from Noon-2 PM/ET and “Authentic News” on RBN M-F 3-5 PM/ET. He has pioneered collaborative research on some of the most complex and controversial events of our time, including the death of JFK, the atrocities of 9/11, and the faux mass-murder at Sandy Hook. He co-authored a “Law Enforcement False Flag / Staged Event Checklist” with Brian Davidson, a P.I. licensed in Texas, who has done brilliant work on the Tops Grocery Store shooting in Buffalo, the Uvalde Elementary School shooting, and the Nashville “transgender” false flag, not to mention his sensational contributions to exposing Sandy Hook.

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    1. That came out too blurred, try this:
      Kangaroo court is an informal pejorative term for a court that ignores recognized standards of law or justice, carries little or no official standing in the territory within which it resides, and is typically convened ad hoc.[1] A kangaroo court may ignore due process and come to a predetermined conclusion. The term is also used for a court held by a legitimate judicial authority, but which intentionally disregards the court’s legal or ethical obligations (compare show trial).[2]

  5. Jim you are good man standing up for justice. I won my case but had to pay $30000 becasue the letter to bring the engineer was accpeted to bring him in then rejected. I know yours is much more but the feeling of injustice is the same.


    1. The case was a sham. The original judge let me out but wanted nothing to do with the case. When he left the other judge brought me bak. Then the insurer let me out. But the new judge said the builder’s lawyers’s letter was no good either. Then the builder ‘s lawyers’s letters were good enough to bring me back in though. The trouble is the builder never turned up, the case lasted a week, but I amnd the building surveyor had to attend even though the person, builder, who brought us in never attended the case!


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    1. What the hell, the entire case is “out of focus”. What a monumental presentation that could only come from the amazing mind of Dr.James H. Fetzer. May God bless your courage.

      Even if one puts all else aside….the ears have it. Now way in the universe of everything are the two Pozner’s the same person. The ears tell the tale. Case closed.

      In a country in which the rule of law still exists, this is a slam dunk. In this Marxist/1984 world in which we now find ourselves, I have very serious doubts the truth will overcome the blatant lies. BUT, if it does, I pray you and Jones sue the crap out of therm all…..for BILLIONS.

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