Mona Alexis Pressley, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mona Alexis Pressley


A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictured above are Susan Bro (left) who lost her daughter in the Charlottesville protests and Donna Soto (right) who lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook School Shooting in 2012. You may at this point be confused because it appears this is the same woman.  This issue has been written on and addressed several times including a compilation of letters addressed to President Trump about the questions never answered in regard to the Sandy Hook Shooting.  To re-cap:

Susan Bro, mother of Heather Heyer, victim at Charlottesville protest debuted in a role as Donna Soto, mother of Victoria Soto who died at the Sandy Hook shooting. Susan Bro turns out to be a crisis actor used in both incidents. Take a look at the comparisons below of both women when interviewed about the deaths of their daughter’s. The video’s that go with the pictures have since been deleted from the internet. [Editor’s note: Except I had already downloaded them (see below).”]

In comparison, it is obvious that they are the same woman.  Notice both women wear similar glasses, which are easy to change, along with identical facial features. She would want to change her appearance in subtle ways. Mannerisms and voice are even exact. The videos referred to in these photos as mentioned above are no longer available due to massive censorship going on today on the internet. This censorship ensures that the lies will be seen as fact.  Please read my article sent to President Trump about the Sandy Hook Soto and Bro comparison.


For those who may not know, James H. Fetzer (born 6 December 1940 in Pasadena, California) is an American conspiracy realist, a former Marine Corps officer and a retired philosophy professor at the University of Minnesota Duluth.  He has written on the philosophy of science and on the theoretical foundations of computer science, artificial intelligence, and cognitive science. He has since retirement published books on various conspiracies, most of which can be found on and has an impressive website with hundreds of experts on various subjects on And he has been undertaking Herculean efforts to expose the hoax known as “Sandy Hook”.

Among the efforts to shut him up, Dr. Fetzer was sued by a man calling himself “Lenny Pozner”, a purported parent of one of the alleged victims, “Noah Pozner”, for publishing a death certificate he himself had provided to a research colleague. The judge shut down any evidence Dr. Fetzer wanted to present showing that Sandy Hook was a FEMA drill. He even “set aside” the reports of two experts who had analyzed the death certificate, which was an incomplete and uncertified death certificate with no file number and neither town nor state certification. Ron Avery has compared it to an incomplete driver’s license with no license number and no state seal. Dr. Fetzer was found guilty of defamation in spite of the evidence, a finding that (remarkably!) has been upheld by the Wisconsin Courts of Appeal. So now he’s taking his case to the US Supreme Court.

Moreover, Dr. Fetzer has proven that “Noah Pozner” is a fiction created using photos of his purported half-brother, Michael Vabner, as a child, as though they were photos of “Noah”:

For more, see Jim Fetzer, “Deception Galore” (5 December 2020)

Currently, Dr. Fetzer has tried to help the gun manufacturers, who are being sued by the Sandy Hook crew.  He recently wrote about the Soto v. Remington case, 

When I sought to intervene in this case, I was opposed by BOTH the Plaintiff AND the Defendant. That the Plaintiffs should object was not surprising, but Remington, too? Does that give you the least hint that the fix was in? Considering my attempts to make the court and counsel aware have been repeatedly rebuffed, it appears that whether this was a staged event–actually, a 2-day FEMA “mass casualty exercise involving children”, for which we even found the manual and published as Appendix A to NOBODY DIED AT SANDY HOOK (2015; 2nd ed., 2016)–doesn’t matter to the parties in this case. Think about it! I published before that this $33,000,000 lawsuit was an insurance scam. Now I’m told they settled for $73,000,000. And the first name Plaintiff, Donna Soto, also played the role of Susan Bro in Charlottesville. (

The public needs to be reminded with hope that this time they pay attention to the fraud that has been committed by the same group of people that brought us many false flags since 2001 including but not limited to 9/11, Sandy Hook, Charlottesville, Parkland shooting, Las Vegas shooting, and the plandemic to bring down the US. To do this, the players (Government, Elites, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros, and Main Stream Media) planned many years ago to disarm the American public by creating these false flags to take control of the country and its people. Can this be stopped? 

Possibly, if the people stand up and show the government who is in charge. Currently the government and elites think they are rulers and dictators. They have this arrogance that is sickening by thinking they have already won. Everyone that does not want a life of slavery and misery needs to take a minute to look into the deception that has been rolled out and is still happening in real time. Quit being so gullible when they manipulate you with shootings.  Look at the evidence without the tear jerking families that the mainstream media presents and make a decision based on the real truth. The choice is yours. What will it be freedom or slavery?

Mona Alexis Pressly, MA, MFT has frequently appeared on “The Raw Deal” and “The Power Hour”. Her research on numerous political issues, including Obama’s birth certificate, Sandy Hook and Las Vegas, has been published by Dr. James Fetzer, PENN Magazine and many other venues.


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22 thoughts on “Mona Alexis Pressley, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”

  1. The grey head one’s chin is much bigger. Who care really about that stuff in the sense that Sandy Hook was fake and that is a fact.

    1. BillAu, now that I take a second look, you are correct about the chin. Again, it could be bad pics and bad angles. But to say who cares about this evidence because the event is fake. Bill, the event is proved fake BECAUSE of evidence of this nature.

  2. I am ashamed of Remington for going along with this. How did they twist arms for this result? Hmmm. Finding that out might bust the dam open. There must be people inside Remington who know the truth and want to expose the fraud.

    They can replace famous people like Sir Paul, Killery and Joe Bama at will — without raising a collective eye brow. Recycling that bowser over and over is so in your face that it’s maddening. There was no earthly reason to do so and they did it anyway. Perhaps to taunt us for their wicked pleasure. They knew 98% of us can’t be bothered to notice and the 2% that do will seem like lunatics fit for straight jackets. And less that 1% would do anything about it. That’s how they get away with it.

    I have told the story so many times , can’t remember if I told it here. The case of Tom Wilson, one of the most successful real estate scam artists since the Railroad Baron days. He used his real name like camouflage it was so common. He even dared to scam Superman;… actor Dean Cane. Wilson never allowed himself to be photographed except for once standing with a Steelhead Guide who was holding his once in a lifetime trophy. Wilson had a hat and sunglasses on which obscured his face well.

    I sent the picture to a couple of guide services in Washington State hoping they could identify the guide. None could… however, one recognized the background as the Grande Ronde River. The first guide service there said yes he knew Tom Wilson. Wilson hired his entire staff for his trip… one guide was setting up camp, another was cooking filet mignon and lobster on the fire. And the Owner was guiding Wilson in a raft for his once in a life time trophy. At the end of this epic fishing trip Wilson told the guide his raft looked really worn out and that he would include enough money in the bill to buy himself a new one, being the high roller that Wilson was. So Wilson wrote a rubber check for a rubber raft and the owner was out like $5,000 in guide services rendered.

    Then I found the Jet charter service that flew him there from New Mexico. They got scammed too. Then I dug up the owner of a planned subdivision that was finished except for selling the lots. Wilson scammed her out of 3.3 million. Imagine what a scoundrel Tom Wilson was to be flush with three mill. It was pocket change to pay for his plane ride and fishing trip. There was no need to scam the guide or the jet charter service. But he did it anyway. The people running the Sandy Hoax had to know we would notice the recycled Bowser and they did it anyway because it gets their rocks off.

  3. Here’s a related article from ZH. It’s short, so I may as well post it all: (Jim, read through this comment to the end. I am sure this will be a surprise to you….I am also curious if this happens to anyone else who clicks on that link FOR THE FIRST TIME…after that, the real pdf come up…it could have been a glitch in my search engine, but I assure you it happened. It had nothing to do with anything I typed as input. It just came up when I clicked on that link)

    Alex Jones Mulls Strategic Bankruptcy For Media Empire

    Media host Alex Jones is being advised by restructuring advisers on how to proceed after being hit with several lawsuits related to statements Jones made following the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre.

    Options for Jones’ businesses – including Infowars and Free Speech Systems – include a Chapter 11 bankruptcy, which would allow them to continue operating while pausing civil litigation against them, according to Fortune, citing an anonymous source with knowledge of the matter.

    Jones and his companies last year were found liable in a defamation lawsuit brought by relatives of children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook school massacre after Jones called the shootings a hoax. A trial in Connecticut to determine the size of the damages has yet to take place. He was also found liable in similar proceedings in Texas. -Fortune

    Attorneys for Jones claim the defamation lawsuit was filed as part of a strategy to silence Jones’ free speech on matters of public interest, according to court documents.

    “[T]his suit is only the latest in Plaintiffs’ efforts to silence those who openly oppose their very public ‘herculean’ efforts to ban the sale of certain weapons, ammunition and accessories, to pass new laws relating to gun registration and to limit free speech,” reads Jones’ motion to dismiss.

    Jones was slapped with default judgements in Connecticut and Texas, after he failed to turn over financial information and other documents, which his legal team compared to a “collections action” and a “fishing expedition.”

    In March, Jones appeared for a deposition rather than pay hefty fines, after lawyers representing the families of Sandy Hook shooting victims sought his arrest for skipping a court-ordered deposition.

    A Connecticut trial to determine the size of damages Jones faces has yet to take place.

    ME…So, I wanted to post a link to Nobody Died at Sandy Hook in a comment on ZH.

    (I finally got the pdf up on ZH before I posted this comment)

    I went to the sidebar and clicked on Sandy Hook to look for an article that had a link to the pdf…..Here’s what I found….click on the link in that article and see what comes up…strange, indeed!!


    Link in article: PDF (422 Pages): Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

    …if the link does not show up live, just click on the article and you will find it down the page a bit. Now, to say the least, that is weird.

    In case you cannot find it, here’s what that link goes to: (did you know about this, Jim??)

    Update…..That only happened the first time I clicked on that link. The next time, it went to the pdf. There is no doubt a bug in that article……are you out there, Lenny??

  4. We are constantly lied to about 911, Sandy Hook, the moon landing, the Titanic, CO2 causing the earth to heat up, etc. We should never have had the WW2, WW1, Vietnam, Korea, and now Ukrain wars. We have a virus that was real but may have been manmade, that caused us to treated like criminals.

  5. I’ve been a professional face-reader (for private consultations and parties) for over thirty years and many thousands of subjects. These two photos are of the same porcine grasping sad amoral woman, and the panel of “victims” are all sad grasping moral degenerates. But then, probably your own human intuition told you that much. “The wages of sin are death.” And some are dead while they live.

  6. Dawn Hochsprung, Mary Sherlach, Vicki Soto, Lauren Rousseau, Rachel D’Avino, and Anne Marie Murphy were among 18 people awarded the medals. Family members accepted the awards on the educators’ behalf.

    The six women killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School by a gunman who also murdered 20 children were honored with posthumous Presidential Citizens Medals at the White House.

    May I add that a phony president awarded these medals to the ”survivors” of the people I list above. This award devalues this medal to point of worthless.

  7. This sad woman is really a-bad-luck-girl. Everywhere she goes she runs smack dab into death, destruction and dollars.
    But she did make an appearance at the White House to receive a USA Medal.
    Ain’t she just a wonderful hero….even a president honors and respects her.

    NO politician or media commentator has ever said one word about the Sandy Hook hoax.


    1. In my File photo is a woman accepting a Medal. She really seems very nervy to go about changing her hair color all the time to pose as a different woman. This is brazen fraud. Don’t you agree. America should not accept this hoaxing. She even waddles into the White House to get a Medal. This is so disgusting. She needs to be arrested, tried and sent to prison.
      I guess that hoaxes and frauds are accepted as normal in the US. Well, let me tell you, that’s not the way it used to be when the US was an upstanding, righteous and lawful nation. It was the beacon of goodness on the planet…now its merely a nation of scum and debauchery.

      1. Not all is scum and debauchery. Many Americans are waking up and proving themselves to be heroic fighters against fraud, tyranny, and treason. I applaud these patriots with all my heart. And these sick puppies pictured above are sad not because they lost anybody, but because they are knowingly betraying their country. It’s hard to betray America the Beautiful, which we have all been raised to believe is a sacred land of freedom, virtue, and nobility. Such an iniquitous act can only destroy even such lightweights as these, no matter how many paltry Judas coins they drag to their grave.

      2. JFT writes….”And these sick puppies pictured above are sad not because they lost anybody, but because they are knowingly betraying their country.” Really? Are you sure about that? They’re all crisis actors and are used to wearing all kinds of faces with expressions. Their collective goal is millions of dollars based on a hoax.

        99.9% of America STILL believes that there was a massacre at Sandy Hook school….as long as that’s believed, the US is doomed, which is the case right now. Not one politician or major news reporter has revealed the hoax of SH.
        This is corruption on a massive scale in world history.


  8. I usually go along with Pressly’s analysis and certainly Jim’s (even though at times, he forgets who I am…my fault, not his…I change my email a lot), BUT those glasses do not look the same; maybe a clearer picture would help. Also, the faces are quite similar and one could say almost identical, but there is a difference in the neck area and the nostrils of the nose. The pic on the left has wider nostrils.

    1. Mona asked me to post this on her behalf (because she has been unable to rejoin us): Alexis Pressley wrote:
      Good morning Dr. Fetzer,

      If you are not getting any new subscribers it is because your site is not letting new subscribers on. I am not able to sign into my old account or create a new one. So, to answer that person’s question,

      I was not clear on which pictures I was referring to that Bro and Soto have the exact same glasses on but it was the picture or pictures that were presented when transforming her from Donna Soto to Susan Bro. There are pictures where Soto/Bro has on the same glasses but there are also pics where the glasses are different. It depends on what pictures she is using due to the entire picture debacle of Sandy Hook. They (the Sandy Hook crew) use pictures from different periods of time when they were at different ages. Everyone has to remember they make changes along the way. For instance, if someone discovers that the guy posing as FBI is one of the parents they bring in someone on their crew that looks similar and take down all the photos of the guy without the helmet and there you go they can once again make the people investigating look bad. They have done this over and over just as they did with the death certificate of Noah Pozner. Lenny Pozner gave Kelli Watt a different death certificate than was presented in court. The death certificate presented in court was never put up on Pozner’s website and was different than the other 4 presented in court. They can change things anytime they want using censorship. Unless someone has a screenshot of everything they change the proof is gone. Here are a couple of sites I found that pretty much prove that Donna Soto and Susan Bro are the same people. The technology of some of these new programs for facial recognition is awesome.

      I hope that clears things up. Thank you for the question.


      1. Mona…Thank you so much for the response. I am sorry to say, the glasses in the picture I am attaching from the article are not the same. As for the Microsoft analysis, I have to look into that a bit further. Off hand, my eye sees differences. I am not about to say they are not the same person. It’s just from those particular pics, I do see differences. But, who am I to argue with Microsoft Azure analysis. The eyebrows could have been penciled in to appear higher in the left pic. The nose seems broader in the bridge in the right pic and the lips seem narrower (but the lips could be make -up.)

        This was your statement below the attached pic:

        (could it be that statement was meant for another pic?)

        “In comparison, it is obvious that they are the same woman. Notice both women wear the exact same glasses along with identical facial features.”

        Mona, I have been called pedantic here, so please do not take offense. I didn’t.


      2. Will, You make a good point: the glasses are not the same. But if you were playing two roles, such as “Donna” in CT and “Susan” in VA, wouldn’t you want to vary the cadence? change your hair color? wear a wig? different glasses? Aren’t you struck by striking similarities with variations? Look at their superposition. Does that not convince you?

      3. Jim…The likelihood these two women who look this much alike in two false flags are not the same person is very slim. Those kind of coincidences only happen in movies like Magnolia. I was simply pointing out the glasses are different and the faces do not match up in the pics Mona has presented as well as they may have in other pictures. That’s why I suggested she may have put the statement “In comparison, it is obvious that they are the same woman. Notice both women wear the exact same glasses along with identical facial features” under the wrong picture.
        Yes, of course they would use different make-up and glasses, but that was not my point.
        I know I am a stickler for details, but let’s face facts, IF this was presented the way it is in a “court of law”, do you think the judge would not notice?

      4. You are right. Should modify that sentence, which is just a tad too strong. Thanks! Made a tweak or two and fixed it. Nice. Good point.

      5. ”James Fetzer says:
        April 19, 2022 at 7:29 am
        You are right. Should modify that sentence, which is just a tad too strong. Thanks! Made a tweak or two and fixed it. Nice. Good point.”

        Jim can make corrections to his comments but the members can’t. Is that what I read above?


      6. Of course. But I was doing an edit on Mona’s blog about Donna Soto = Susan Bro. If you want to fix a comment, just post the correction and I can make it on your behalf. Not a problem–except for timing!

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