VT Editors, Fetzer and the Zio-Juggernaut from Sandy Hook

By VT Editors

VT: Our good friend Jim Fetzer has been sewn up in court for years now over his book on Sandy Hook.  For anyone but Fetzer, errors, real or imagined, in his book are certainly “absent malice,” a typical affirmative defense in defamation cases like this.

What our own investigation showed, an extensive investigation, is that those who staged Sandy Hook, and we don’t know if the kids were real or not…in fact nothing about Sandy Hook can be said at all with any degree of certainty…fed the alternative media conspiracy stories built on anomalies in the case and the very irregular investigation.

Minor things…FBI agents speaking Hebrew in front of witnesses…

Arrested subject on the day of the shooting…who disappeared along with records of his arrest…Subject vehicle..towed from the school belonged to a known criminal living 40 miles away with NO connection to the suspect.

Gun recovered and represented as a “Bushmaster” rifle was actually a Turkish made Linberta shotgun.

Ah….the school psychologist who first told CNN she saw the suspect…son of a kindergarten teacher….who looked her in the eye when he came into the school armed for murder…

then only a day later….

his mother wasn’t a teacher after all…and she saw …NOTHING!!

How many more?  How much time do you have?

Support Dr. Fetzer…


The funds from this campaign will be received by James Fetzer Ph.D.


Are you outraged by the Sandy Hook/Remington settlement for $73,000,000? Gun owners perceive the threat of future cases being used to undermine our right to keep and bear arms.  I was calling it out before the decision was reached as insurance fraud and a massive scam: the parties never address the most basic facts in this case: Did anyone die at Sandy Hook? When I sought to intervene to make sure this was an honest proceeding, I was rebuffed–BY BOTH SIDES! I can do something about this–BUT I NEED YOUR HELP!

When I published Nobody Died at Sandy Hook: It was a FEMA Drill to Promote Gun Control (2015; 2nd ed., 2016), with thirteen contributors (including six Ph.D. professors), amazon.com banned the book less than a month later (even though it had sold nearly 500 copies). I released it for free as a PDF. Mike Adams wrote about it, “The Most Dangerous Mind in America” on False Flags and Extreme Censorship.

That was only the beginning. Now amazon has banned five more of my books, where I bring together experts on different aspects of these events to sort out what really happened. In 2018, I was sued for defamation in Madison, WI, over an uncertified death certificate given to co-author Kelley Watt by a purported Sandy Hook parent, Leonard Pozner.

The suit was brought by the same party who had shared it with Kelley Watt. The Court would not allow me to present my proof that nobody had died on the (absurd) ground that it had nothing to do with the truth or accuracy of the death certificate, which alleged the decedent–Noah Pozner–died at Sandy Hook on 14 December 2012 of “multiple gunshot wounds”.

Focusing solely on the death certificate, I introduced reports from two forensic document examiners, both of whom concluded that it was fake, but the Court simply set them aside as “someone else’s opinion”. Ignoring my standing as a journalist, the Court ignored the disputed fact of the authenticity of the document and found me guilty of defamation, even though there was no finding of negligence.

So I was guilty of defamation without fault. The trial for damages was captured perfectly by Kevin Barrett, “The Legal Lynching of a Truth-Seeker: Jim Fetzer’s Stalinist-Style Show Trial”. When I appealed the abuse of Summary Judgment, the Wisconsin Court of Appeals District IV made (what Ron Avery characterizes as) gross errors.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has denied my Petition for Review without a word of explanation the same day Remington settles for $73,000,000 without establishing that anyone died at Sandy Hook. The fake shooting is being used to undermine our right to keep and bear arms, as it was planned to do.

As a former Marine Corps officer, I am profoundly obligated to carry this case to the US Supreme Court because, whether I am right or wrong, I was denied the right to present a defense. I have been saddled with $1.1m in liens as a result of a SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) to punish those who speak out and expose fraud and corruption by the government. I am doing what I can to protect your rights–but now I need your help!

If the decision in this absurd case, Pozner v. Fetzer, is allowed to stand, it will set a precedent that threatens the legal right of every US citizen to defend himself in a Court of Law. Because the staged Sandy Hook event is being used to grab our guns, the outcome is critical for both the 1st and the 2nd Amendments. I have the law and evidence on my side, but need your support to move forward. This case can make a difference.

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One thought on “VT Editors, Fetzer and the Zio-Juggernaut from Sandy Hook”

  1. This is a remarkable video from a briefing with DeSantis. For one, it shows how an honest (if that’s possible)….or at least a politician who has some degree of respect for his constituents…pulls it off with spontaneous and unscripted questions. Secondly, he seems to be joking that Fauci is in a witness protection program at around 1:47….but is it really a joke? You be the judge. This is DeSantis at his best. (Stone had the video on his site, but I had to go to the actual YT vid to bring it here)


    Jim Stone’s comments: ( )

    DeSantis muses how Fauci could need witness protection from his own crimes and “they don’t want him out there talking” and “they will claim they never supported any of the crimes” and more. DeSantis lays it all out cold. I am having this come off Youtube so it starts in the right spot, but this has been obviously saved and uploaded to the server already.

    I also found this revealing list on Stone…..who can disagree?



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